Friday, January 14, 2011

Which Apple A Day ?

Tonight after a dinner of Tater Tot Casserole
I snacked on a few Nilla Wafers with peanut butter.
I don't require a whole desert but a little something sweet after a meal is nice.Do you like just a tad of something sweet after a meal ?
Do you ever turn to fruit for that something sweet? Not me ..... not a fruit girl here.
I would like to be a fruit girl...I know it's good for me....I envy the folks I see at the grocery store with little produce bags full of apples...grapes....oranges....I want to be that person with my bags full of fruit.
I like grapes....oranges.....peaches.....most berries....I LOVE watermelon.
The one fruit I have trouble getting to know is apples.
There are so green sweet sour? It looks like an easy enough snack...I mean you can even eat the peeling...simple.
But tell me...which apple do I eat?
What is your favorite apple and it sweet...sour...?
Help me with my apple confusion.
I promise to try the apple that you convince me is so so good....I may chase it with a snack size Snickers...but I'll try it.
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Amanda said...

I love the sour granny smith apples but this past fall I fell in LOVE with Honeycrisp apples. When we lived up North I don't remember ever seeing them in the store but now they are by far my favorite. Such a sweet but light flavor. And the are HUGE!

Watermelon? My single craving with my daughter. Hubby was out to sea and I would haul watermelons up the three flights to our apartment and eat them for every single meal. I may or may not have occasionally sat down with a spoon and half a watermelon for dinner. Noooo I certainly didn't do that! Well really I did. Hehe

. said...

Gala apples...all the way! Not too sour/sweet and just enough uumph to make it taste good! We have four kiddos and that's the apple they always go to...

Andee said...

I'm a Gala girl, too!

LibraryGirl62 said...

Galas and Fujis. Sweet, a little tart, not mushy...the best

Abby said...

gala, braeburn, fuji and honey crisp - my favorite!

sjmcdowell said...


Yes I am a Gala apple kinda gal myself. Although I buy the bag of red and green apple slices in our supermarket and it's so very easy no slicing..all you have to do is dip peanut butter...I love the crunchy kind myself!



Jennifer said...

At my mom's school, the students try all sorts of apples and make a graph of their favorites. Gala, fuji, and braeburn are always at the top! Honeycrisp are delicious too but in my area they get a little spendy.

A great dessert (speaking of snickers) is 5 granny smith apples chopped + 3 snickers chopped + 1 pkg vanilla pudding powder whipped together w/ 1 pint whipping cream..... Combine. You get your apples AND you snickers! :) Delicious!

~Claire~ said...

I live in the Okanagan. We are known for wine and orchards, so I've had my fair share of apples. Honeycrisp and Pink Lady are my absolute fave because they have tons of flavour and are crisp, hate red delicious because the texture is too soft.

I highly recommend trying a new apple each week... worse case scenerio (like if I get a bad batch of apples) I either pawn them off on my daughter who doesn't know better (she's five, her memory is short, I'll be ) or dip them in caramel or peanut butter!