Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Catch Up A Bit

And in good ole hurry up fashion December will be here....ohhh...tomorrow.
Decorating, crafting and baking.....YES...let it begin.
Our first Christmas project was to make paper towel roll owls of a Christmas kind.

You may recall my everyday owls...if not they are here.

Angel Owls, yes the big one is the boss angel, per Chloe.

Christmas Tree Owls...complete with lights.

Ho Ho Hooo....Santa Owls, You better watch out !!

Snowman Owls and they don't even melt.   Fantastic.

My favorite the Reindeer Owls.  Poor Rudolph, once again feeling odd and alone, no beak only that silly red nose, but we all know how that  ends don't we ??

What would any of us do really without the sweet as pie Julie over at Joy's Hope bringing us all these scrumptious goodies to try.  Consider these baked !!

We went to the town Christmas parade, I love a marching band....LOVE IT !!

The tree is up. 
This was the first time ever that my lights would not work, I have always heard other gripe about it but until now I never shared their frustration.
Chloe and I made the trip for new lights, she talked me into colored which you can kinda tell from the photo...but I love em'. 
Why didn't I do colored lights sooner...they are perfect in my colorful home...perfect.

Dinner tonight is turkey sammich....every once in a while don't you just want a good turkey sammich?  Yes?
Me too...tonight it is.

See ya'll

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