Saturday, August 29, 2009


I walked thru the door of Goodwill
and this gigantic beautiful pillow was staring me in the face
I do not buy pillows for personal use at thrift stores
it icks me out
I don't know who drooled on it
but I will buy them for my dogs
My original recipient for this pillow was Daisy (lil black weenie)
since Lei Lei (big red weenie) prefers blankets Just as I knew Daisy LOVED it
but as I did not expect Lei Lei LOVED it too
So.....we have a dilemma
yea yea...sure they could share it....but you know that poses the occasional problem
and I simply can not choose which dog to shooo off the pillow
but I know who can
YOU can
I'm flipping the blog comment coin
you leave a comment telling me who gets the pillow...and you can tell me why if you like.
I'll be sure to let you know who wins.
JaneSays email subscribers are enjoying a special discount code this weekend in both shops....are you missing out ??? Ask to be added to the email list silly !!
have a happy day

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disney Pt. 4

and just like the vacation itself
the vacation photos must come to an end
Chip N Dale
Do you know which is which?
I was the wiener mom that asked
Chip has one tooth and a black nose
Dale has two teeth and a brownish pink nose
The chipmunk in the middle is my favorite
she has a mouth full of teeth and a darling pug nose
I can see permit time coming already
G and I in the passenger seat
gritting our teeth and pressing our braking foot into the floorboard
as if we could stop the car ourselves
oh dont' laugh at know you have done that.
Chloe was chosen to OPEN the bird show at Animal Kingdom
Flights of Wonder
She was instructed to yell
On With The SHOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW and open the curtain
she was so very nervous
the Disney dudes in the funny pants gave her the I am with my camera ready
knowin' she would bomb......Ha....she yelled in her loudest voice
Let The Show BEGIIINNNNNNNN.....ya.....she still worked
and I was soooo stupefied....I completely did not snap my camera.....dang it
I just stood there smiling....yea...that's my kid !!!

after I recovered from the utter shock

I did manage to get a photo of her opening the curtain

(I have no clue why blogger started double spacing me here.....Grrrrrr)

I was so proud of her...and we got to sit in the front row.....which is a great seat when

there will be dozens of birds flying over your head......if you like birds

Animal Kingdom
by far the hottest place its just so humid there
Chloe sported a wet paper towel on her neck all day....whatever it took.

Block Party Bash Parade at Hollywood Studios
by far our favorite parade
action packed and great music
Look at fat lil' tater' head
Amazing performers...mind you its near 95 degrees and that is HOT black asphalt
and they are wearing some hot non-breathing fabrics.....sheeeesh

One of the best moments of the vacation

At Disney ( oh look...double spacing again....nice ) Disney you hear so many different languages and accents and when I hear them I take notice

in line at this particular eating spot...I heard a British accent say.....

Sloppy Joe.....what is a sloppy joe?

Ha.....I was so so happy to explain a sloppy joe to him......I love sloppy joes

Its ground beef....mixed in a sauce....tomatoey....brown sugar...mustard...kinda sweet

He said...."oh...kinda like chili? ha.....yea...kinda like chili

subtle reminder of how individual we all really are...even though we share this place called Earth .

He got the sloppy joe....I hope he loved it.


If you have always wanted to know more about home schooling or have anything you can share about it...please scroll down and share and learn. I appreciate all the GREAT comments and I am taking them all in.....I may be contacting some of you.

have a happy day

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Schooling

I need a bit of educating
Do you home school?
What factors lead to this decision?
Do you not home school?
What do you think about it?
What do you think about the families who choose to do it?
Under what circumstances do you think it's necessary?
If you DO home school.....can you send me a link or two to some good resources?

I'm considering it
I know....I know...she has just began school......but honeslty
I have always thought about it

I need some education on the subject and any you have.......well thank ya.

have a happy day
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Chloe kinda started school today
It was her "first" day
she only went half a day
this school staggers kindergartners in
She does not go again til' Monday
I do believe this made it easier on Momma
Knowing she would only be there til' 11:30
then I could go scoop her up

Chloe could have cared less either way
happily rockin' in the library rocking chair
waiting on the teacher to come and get her and the others
she kissed us goodbye
followed that teacher out the door
waved bye one last time
and that was it
she was gone.
I needed a BIG breakfast after that
G and I headed to The Boathouse
a darling little joint at the marina
right on the lake
a nice pleasing view to help me feel better
not to mention the bacon and eggs.
and of course a lil' bit of retail therapy never hurt a soul
My favorite chocolate chip cookies
Yum...I have ate these since of was a little girl...this is a true comfort food for me.
3 nice
storage baskets
never pass these up
and only $1 each at one of
my favorite thrift shops
Carbs oh how I love thee
A 6 pack of ramen noodles....YES !!!
You have got to be kidding me
Is that a bike bikes (one is in the box) in my pantry??
It's too HOT to leave them outside he says.......Ha!
Wonder if its too HOT to leave him outside ???
His justification
There are vintage books and fabric in the pantry there !!
So....that was Tuesday
Streesed way out
Missing Chloe
Spending money
Eating Carbs
Jumpin' on the hubby
Glad its over
have a happy day
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Monday, August 24, 2009


Don't love it
Don't hate it
I certainly do not fuss over tags with their little washing instructions
and I rarely ruin clothes.
How hard can it be??
Throw it in....add some soap (I hardly measure that)
Take it out...shake it a little ...... toss in dryer......done !!
Now.....dryer lint is another topic altogether...I love me some lint.
Ironing....ugh...I NEVER iron....pop it in the dryer....there...good enough.
Dry Cleaning.....hardly ever visit a dry cleaners.
Anyway......if you are completely anal retentive about may just love this
Exhausting.....I am so glad I do not read way simplifies my life.

have a happy day
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney Pt. 3

A rare treat Storm Troopers at Star Tours
You definitely see them more now that they are offering JEDI training.
This pair was kept the line moving.....shouting orders and waving their laser gun around
all the while adding to the!!

Waiting in line

for this....Power Rangers
While I do not let Chloe watch the Power Rangers show
I gave in and let her get a photo with all of them
2 reasons.....they are kinda fun to watch with all the dramatic posing and they are blasting jammin' music out of the car they arrive in
also....compared to EVERY other character their lines are short.
In case you have not ever been or at least its been several now wait in line
to see characters.
Remember the old days...when you saw just ran up....grabbed his leg
mom snapped a photo and you were on your way.
Lines now can be hour long thanks
Last year we waited that long and more for all the classics
Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto....I figure we don't
need to do that again for at least 5 years.....right.....I mean how much can they change.
hehe...park map in pocket....navigator.

ready to have fun.....check
on the BEST ride Disney has to offer.....check
Toy Story Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios
hands down the most fun we have.....we ride this over and over and over.....4-D gaming action and its a ride too.....this ride is by far our favorite.
There is a fairly new eating joint at Downtown Disney....T-Rex
loads of fun.....gobs of animated dinos inside.....good food...pricey though.
While you wait your kids can dig for dino bones in the pit....truly passes the time.
Oh Crystallllllllllllllllllllll......yes you.......of the famous Little Bit Funky
My challenge to are always showing off your rice krispie treat creations....
Let me see you do this my friend !!!
No tiny little Mickeys either...this baby was .... Oh....18 to 20 inches......get busy....and when you are all know my address.
With all of the FUN to be had at Disney
one of the things I enjoy most is watching the staff.
Crazy right....but...I'm tellin' you...they run like a fine oiled machine.
You simply DO NOT see trash on the ground....a Disney employee nearly grabs it before it hits the ground. Even the execs walk around with those long tongs....picking up garbage on their way to a meeting. This little fellow above was squeegeeing the grounds after rain......that's right...not even a little rain is allowed to hang around.
While I sat here....oh about 30 minutes waiting on my cuties who were riding a ride....the garbage cans around me were emptied twice and they dig all recyclables out of the trash.....beautiful.
This baby needs no introduction.
A little trick we employed this cups.
A FINE lady working at the Electric Umbrella at Epcot told us...if you hold onto these
cups you can refill them.......WHAT ????
Serious ??????
We stuffed these babies in our backpack and refilled them all day.....each day at every park we would buy a drink...stash the cups and use them all day.
I'm guessing this saved us around $100.00.
Remember that the next time you go......great tip !!
have a happy day
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Disney Pt. 2

Chloe LOVES when I order her to
'go stand over there
Let Momma take your picture" When I saw this destructed blue wall at Disney's Animal Kingdom
I could not resist
Chloe obliged me......oh and she was ever so happy to do so....not !!

See the smirk.....ugh...I hate makin' her crazy mom !
Waving at passers-by.....enforcing the fact that she so not into this
My favorite smile....a laughing smile.....thanks for the help daddy....oh silly daddy.
on an off thinkin' of me.....we are out the door to Kindergarten Orientation....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!
have a happy day
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disney Pt. 1

Oh how we LOVE Disney

This will most definitely be the last time we go in August
I knew it would be HOT...its not so much the HOT....its the HUMID yea....October or November in the future.
Did I mention that we LOVE truly is a place to leave it all a kid.....enjoy yourself.
It's my favorite place on EARTH.Miss CJ on a bike at Animal Kingdom
If you have been there you more than likely have a pic of your kid on it too
It screams for you to toss you child on it.
Animal Kingdom ..... one of the treks
tattered flags....just plain purdy.
Ha...Amy go get your heart out lil' buddy
A chic on a speeder bike
no doubt with her spray fan on the back
The spray fan
One of the most expensive things we purchased considering its purpose
but WELL worth the money in the end...kept Chloe and I both cool.....

One of many bus tired...the fake smile tells the tale
Norway in of the few countries with a ride...The Maelstrom
after the ride you are in TRUE Disney fashion dumped out into a gift shop
where you can purchase viking hats or just try them on.
My sweeties.....shark lunchlots and lots and lots
and still more
See those smiles.....
We heart or as is popular to say right now...big fat puffy heart Disney
have a happy day
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yippeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Spearmint won the birdie hand towel
by correctly guessing we were at Disney World !!!!!

So happy for YOU !!
Get me the address you would like your towel mailed to.

Now that you all know....more Disney pics later.

have a happy day
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Monday, August 17, 2009


In a matter of days my daytime routine will change.
I will have to sort of stick to a schedule.
I work for my I have never really had a TIME to be at work
Chloe and I have had easy time goals.

School starts soon and
you know what this means.
We will HAVE to have a schedule.

I need TIPS.....IDEAS.....Ha...if there are any....FUN ways for getting the kiddo outta
the bed and moving.
What helps.....?
Music.....making their own breakfast.....picking out their own clothes...does anything at all make them want to get out of the bed ???
What things is it just BEST to have done the night before ???

I need your advice....I simply do not want a battle every morning...I know a battle here and there is expected...but I want our mornings to be .....nice.

have a happy day
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Stories

A while back
I love love love it
To me....there is nothing better than some "old" stuff
Well except maybe the stories.....on either end of said stuff.
Where was it?
Who had it?
What were they like?
and in selling it I love hearing the stories of where its goin' or the memories it brings.
So much that I almost feel like asking each customer
Why are you buying this ?? This beautiful yellow fabric is goin' to Washington State
to a group of sisters who are making curtains out out of it
for an old airstream camper they are fun !!!

This fabric is on its merry way to Washington State too
to a lady who was so happy to find it.....she had a dress made of it when she was little
She said she can't wait to see this very special Blast from the Past.This beautiful vintage bed sheet went to a girly in be transformed in to a maxi dress
What a great way to reduce...reuse and recycle.
and finally this darling little book now resides in Colorado
with a lady whose mom used to read it to her every night
Imagine seeing the photos and reading the words again.
Embrace Vintage......its so fun and wonderful
Etsy has so many wonderful vintage shops.....go never know what you may find.
have a happy day
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doubt It

Today is the day of the BIG scrapbook convention
You may recall.....I went last year
and Summer and I took photos of some guys we saw there
Its way funny to see men being forced to drag their bodies around the scrapbook show
So as fate would have it this year....Summer is out of scrapbook convention partner...GONE.
I asked hubby to take me......I don't particularly like goin' in to the BIG city by myself...this event it in the middle of Charlotte...not my cup of tea.
He groaned.....said oh....I might.
It's 8:28 am......wonder if he is getting up to take me ???

Doubt it
Let's be honest I need another sheet of paper or one more embellishments......
Doubt it
Have a happy day
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Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh my
Just another sign that Chloe is growing up waaaaaay to FAST. What kid eats buffalo (HOT) wings ????
Let alone a girl
Why I don't know...but wings seem like such a guy food to me
Ha...look at that glimmer of girl-ness
fingers sticking out all as to not touch the wing....Ha

A must after wings

the clean-up
don't forget the Giveaway.....scroll down
have a happy day
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