Saturday, August 29, 2009


I walked thru the door of Goodwill
and this gigantic beautiful pillow was staring me in the face
I do not buy pillows for personal use at thrift stores
it icks me out
I don't know who drooled on it
but I will buy them for my dogs
My original recipient for this pillow was Daisy (lil black weenie)
since Lei Lei (big red weenie) prefers blankets Just as I knew Daisy LOVED it
but as I did not expect Lei Lei LOVED it too
So.....we have a dilemma
yea yea...sure they could share it....but you know that poses the occasional problem
and I simply can not choose which dog to shooo off the pillow
but I know who can
YOU can
I'm flipping the blog comment coin
you leave a comment telling me who gets the pillow...and you can tell me why if you like.
I'll be sure to let you know who wins.
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have a happy day

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Kelly O. said...

I think Daisy....

1. Lei Lei likes blankets you know this--she's just being fickle cause Daisy has it and she doesn't.

2. Lei Lei's colour clashes with the colours in the pillow. Daisy looks beautiful on the pillow.

Okay, I'm reaching, I know.
but it's all I've got :)

Beca said...

Daisy looks cuter on it and much more at rest. :)

Karen~ said...

Okay April, I have to go with seniority. Maybe Lei Lei just decided she likes pillows better, maybe she is feeling neglected not being the baby anymore.

Let's cut her some slack, I vote for Lei Lei!...*smiles*


holly said...

Daisy is very cozy and looks so natural nesting down in her bed. Lei Lei looks like a sweetheart, but she doesnt look as natural.
sweet dogs though ;)

larry said...

Daisy should get it, poor little thing looks scared that someone (Lei Lei)might steal it from her and Lei Lei just looks too darn smug sat atop it. Reminds me of my kids, one may not want something but decides to act like s/he wants, just so's one of the others doesn't.

Jennifer said...

I grew up with dachshunds so I say let LeiLei go back to her blankets. They are burrowing animals anyway and she's already shown her affinity for them. Besides, her look in that picture looks just like the look my moms dog had when she had something she wasn't supposed to and was trying to guard it! So, I'm totally judging *your* dog based on a look *my* dog made buuuuutttt, oh well! My vote is for Daisy to keep it. :o)

Roberta said...

I think you're just going to have to disassemble the pillow and turn it into two pillows with coordinating backs so they each have their own!

Summer said...

I say Leah for sure. She has paid her dues and deserved the pretty pillow.

Gordostyle said...

Both. It's big enough for two. :o)