Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Schooling

I need a bit of educating
Do you home school?
What factors lead to this decision?
Do you not home school?
What do you think about it?
What do you think about the families who choose to do it?
Under what circumstances do you think it's necessary?
If you DO home school.....can you send me a link or two to some good resources?

I'm considering it
I know....I know...she has just began school......but honeslty
I have always thought about it

I need some education on the subject and any you have.......well thank ya.

have a happy day
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Crystal said...

we are thinking about this too...never thought we would...but we are learning too. :)

Julia said...

I do not home school, but have known a fair amount of families that have. I never heard them complain or regret their decision.


Kelly O. said...

I homeschooled my daughter for Junior Kindergarten because she is a december babe and would have been the jr. of her class by 5 months. She was 3. I wasn't ready. and I told myself she wasn't either. Well she is now.
She is her own person and wants to do things her way. I am not the one to teach her. we are like oil and water. something I learned about my daughter is that she's bright but unmotivated. Try as I might I think she needs someone sitting beside her doing the same work to spur her on to do hers.

We have several families who have homeschooled, in our church and I now have their children in our young adults youth program. These families used their homeschool to shield their children from the world. I find they are awkward in groups. Their customer service skills in their job lacks. Their mannerisms are immature.

It's like they are still young and yet smart as whips!
I think homeschooling done well (and I don't mean just the academics as these families have focused on) can be a wonderful experience.
In our house, as hard as it's going to be for me in 2 weeks, we've decided to send our baby to school.
She has wings and she needs to fly--but if anyone is mean to her--they'd better watch out! :)

it's a tough decision.
One I prayed about persistently.

Anna Marie said...

I don't homeschool...yet...but I will. I could go on and on about this and there is no way to truly express how I feel about it in a comment box but I will try...In December 2007, I graduated from one of the best "teacher" universities in central {if not in the entire} US {it is widely recognized for preparing future teachers}. Pretty much all of my professors would have a fit if they knew where I stand now. I learned A LOT while in school. But I am telling you, the single thing that I took away from it all and that I value the most is that it gave me a behind the scenes look at the education system and opened my eyes to make the decision that I will never have my children in the public school system. Private is pretty much out of the question too {but that is because I went to one and I see that it is not a whole lot different}. I am the oldest of five and I am the only one that graduated from an actual school. It is hard to pin point some of the main things that disgust me about the education system and I don't want to go into it on a public blog.

As far as curriculum goes Abeka is really good. You can also get DVDs from an actual school that is in Pensacola {the name escapes me}. I am not exactly sure where you stand religiously but I could get a list of homeschool resources for you.

We know a lot of families that homeschool. My brother in laws family has 12 children in it {age early 30s to 7} and all of them have been homeschooled.

I am going to try to get some info for you. Our daughter is 2 1/2 and I am going to need to know that info soon, myself.

Oh yes and by the way I will never teach in the public schools. I can't imagine being dictated what I am to teach other children when I don't even agree with it. It disgusts me!

Beth said...

At this point, I won't homeschool my son. Kelly said Oil and Water... that's my son and I too. He is such a social creature also - he thrives when he is around other people. I also was a public school teacher, and worked in a very open, welcoming, exciting environment with a lot of free choice. I live in that school district too, so don't have a problem sending my son there.
My view of home-schooling has changed now that I've blogged more, but I definitely have the experience of seeing children who are very book smart, but not very people smart. I think if you do it right and have social options for your child, it can be a beautiful thing.
I could go on and on, so feel free to email me.

candy haymon said...

oh so much to say....please feel free to email me at:
i'm a mom of 3, the youngest just left for college, next, a daughter who's an RN at NYU Hospital, NYC, and last, a son who is a writer and basketball player in London. each were homeschooled some, attended private schools some, and our son graduated from a public school. my main question each year was to ask the Lord what He wanted for each one. His plans are the best. i've also taught in Christian schools a bit. so curriculum: some Abeka (can be too restrictive), some Bob Jones--both are helpful when you're a novice. love Sonlight's outside the box tho--more literature based. i read the posted comments and appreciate the viewpoints. but homeschoolers don't have to be socially awkward....and it can be a very rich, wonderful time as a family. God used our times together to accomplish so much more than school! Blessings on your search!

Beca said...

I am home schooling for the first time this daughter will be 5 in October. I NEVER thought I'd be doing this, but I feel it is God's will and went to a seminar this past spring on home schooling (yes, it was obviously biased), that really showed me what God expects of us as parents. I am so excited about this journey and don't have any real time frame of when we'll stop, but that's not an issue right now. One of the biggest things that this seminar spoke about that stuck out was that public schools are the ones who convinced everyone in the first place that children should be placed together based on can you expect your 5 yr old to act when he's around a bunch of other 5 yr olds??? is so nice to have a home schooler (even an only child) to be encouraged by adults and/or older siblings/peers...that is a huge reason why home schooled kids seem so mature and nurturing towards each other....they don't get pushed into a classroom of a bunch of other kids the same age. The other thing was that you have so much freedom...I see some of the main curriculums mentioned in other comments...and they are good, but home schooling really has a lot of freedom in it too...I am doing more of an eclectic approach...pulling some from different curriculums based on my daughter's personality. I really encourage you to read the first couple of chapters of The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Bauer (I think I spelled her name right). Don't let the size of it be I said...the first couple of chapters (1-3) are enough to convince you for now and give you TONS of resources! I really hope you have peace about your decision either way...and just so you know I was in public school all my I'm not looking down on anyone who chooses the other way. :) Blessings!
oh more thing...just go with your gut..everytime I thought about dropping my little girl off at a building everyday it literally hurt my heart...I could never have done it this year...and probably not next year either! :)

Amy Bell said...

i agree with candy...i intend to ask the Lord each year what He has for the boys...this year was a Christian school. we sold the house and moved to a smaller home and i have to say...we love it. however, there are days i wonder about other things as well. i want the boys to learn how to make a difference in the world...i want them to be able to defend their faith and learn how to love people that are not believers as much i want for them...
keep praying...He will show you what to do...and what is right for you may not be what is God's plan for another child...i taught in public school..i know it has its problems...but, the Christian students made a difference. we found each other every year....and we encouraged each other. i attended a Christian school...there were good and and bad as well..but, i appreciated learning in a Christian school...
keep praying....i now i am...xoxo

Margaret said...

I want to homeschool mine. My son just started Pre-K at a public school. I am still considering it for next year. Good luck with your decision.

Heidi said...

I do not homeschool my three elementary age sons. They would not pay attention to me and would get tired of me quickly. I was a stay at home mom most of their lives and have tried to give them a great start. I breastfed when at first the idea didn't sound very appealing. I stayed home when I craved grown-up conversation. My hubby was too tired from work to provide much of that. But as time went on I saw that they needed a break from me and I from them. They all go to a public school in Iowa. My parents are both former educators and would never recommend homeschooling for the same reason that Kelly O. gave. I'm certainly not going to tell you what to do but for us we are VERY happy with our children's school experience. I also volunteer at their school and have seen close up the caring staff. Good luck to you whatever you choose!

mari said...

I home-schooled all three of my now-adult children because I felt called to by God. We were always part of a large group of friends (lots of fun field trips!) and part of a home-school organization (look into one in your area). I have never met any of these socially awkward home-schooled children. There is always the possibility, but it is certainly not the norm. There are many studies available that show the advantage home-schooled kids have in many areas.
We were free to schedule on our time which gave us the freedom to have many other activities. Beside piano and swimming for all, my girls had sewing lessons and were working students at a local horse riding facility and my son participated in martial arts.
We used an accredited high school correspondence program and all three graduated above 3.75. Two of my kids have opted not to go to college, which is fine by me. They both hold management positions in retail and are considered "rock stars" on the job. My other daughter went on to Washington State University where she was in the Honors College and received many awards. She recently graduated with her MA in piano performance. She left WSU with the respect and friendship of all of her professors.
I have never regretted our decision to home-school. There are good days and bad days, but the payoff is amazing. It takes determination and lots of hard work, but mostly it requires the grace of God which we know is available to us beyond measure!

Sarah said...

I homeschool my children and I love it. I live in Hawaii and our public school system is pathetic, and private school is incredibly expensive. I am a licensed preschool teacher/director and by the time I had my third child it made sense for me to stay home full time and homeschool my two older girls (who were enrolled in private school from age 2). I love that I can adjust the material based on their individual strengths/weaknesses. And, even more, I love that they receive a very practical education as well--I am able to teach them home skills such as cooking, sewing, art, general homemaking, etc. We get sick much much MUCH less often...which is nice this year considering all the hoo-haa about swine flu. We're able to travel if we need to and live a more flexible lifestyle in general. My girls are growing to be each other's best friend, which is heartwarming. For social interactions we do play dates and various classes such as ballet, art academy lessons, etc. I just love it all around!

The downside is--momma never gets a break.

This year we will be joining a homeschool co-op at our church. This will be a new thing for us, and I'm curious to see how it works out.

Good curriculum choices, especially if you are not a "trained" teacher:
A Beka Publishing
Saxon Homeschool

Good luck in your decision making!