Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Potty Humor

You gotta love my child.....
she is a ball of happy happy energy
a fun-loving smiling...laughing pile of cuteness.

Then comes the current "phase"

Potty Humor

Oh do tell me when this ends.

She powpows (pow pow = poot) all the time
Then howls in laughter
proceeds to carry on or at least attempts to carry on a conversation about what just escaped her bottom.

All of her friends at school are poopy-heads....fannie-cracks.....poo poos.

She just now pow powed at the table while we were having lunch and she said "ahhhhh...that smells much better" What ?!!?

and just now as I am literally typing this came up and said...."I'll be back....I need to poop so I can quit pow-powing.

We are the potty humor radio GIANT....its all poopy all day...be sure to find us on your dial.

When does this stop ??
Is this something you discipline??
or is it a phase "they" go thru?

It's driving me nuts !!!!
well at least when I am not turning my back and laughing.....I can't let her see me doing that for goodness sake.

have a happy day
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Paper Trail GIVEAWAY WINNER !!!!!

Congratulations laura......who commented:

I am loving the apple cards! Just in time for apple pickin' season! Also, the "Just a Note" card is so cute and would make my day if I got it in the mail! :)

Please contact me through my shop or leave an additional comment on this post with your email and I will contact you to get your mailing address.

I will allow one week to hear from the winner...after that I will choose another winner.

Thanks laura for reading my blog.

have a happy day
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Full Circle

Several of my posts lately centered around decisions I needed to make or stories with unresolved endings.
Most of those have been resolved......here are the results.....I know you are on the edge of your seat.....right?

Salon or Drug Store Hair Products ?
well I thanks to all of the extremely helpful feedback
I chose the salon products and here are the ones I am currently using and loving.
This hairspray can not be beat. Its light but it holds just enough.
I love love love the smell.....hubby says is hurts his nose.....my advice to him...get outta my bathroom......sweetie.

Best mousse ever.....I love liquid that turns to foam just by passing through a pump. What Fun !!
Hubby and I both use this control paste......GREAT !!
Perfect for my hair..... my hair sees a lot of the hair-dryer so this is just what the doctor ordered.
Oh and this shampoo....I get my hair "done" at an Aveda Salon and Spa...and the whole place smells like this shampoo.....I love walking in the wind or damp air and the smell of this shampoo envelops me....Yummy.

Chloe loves the smell too...."mommy your whole you smells like where we get our hair cut."

In closing....yes these products are pricey......but YES I do think my hair is easier to deal with...it looks better...it fells better.....and it so so so smells better.

What shoes am I wearing at Disney ?

I am taking my New Balance Low Profile Running Shoes .... and I am purchasing a pair of Rainbow flip flops very soon so I can break them in.....those 2 pairs will be my "park" shoes.

Are we taking a stroller to Disney?

Yes....we are. After so many helpful comments on that post I don't see how we can not take one. I will let you all know when we get back how that move goes.

Have I cleaned my iron yet?

No....I have not taken on this chore ...but I need to try some of the great ideas some of you had....I still have a gunky iron.

Did I single-handedly change McDonald's Happy Meal ordering method?

No...but I did speak with the person in charge and my suggestion was duly noted and would be passed on to management.

Did the little girl selling her brothers coupon books finally get the ipod?

I would say no.....as we still see her gallivanting around the neighborhood with the sample coupon book in hand.

Be sure to comment on this giveaway post....it ends Sunday. These are some Fabulous Goodies.

have a happy day

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Chloe and I made a trip to one of our favorite spots to buy new books today I wish she would save them for bedtime
So we would have new books for days

but no...we have to read them all when we walk in the door.

Read to your kids

Encourage your kids to read

Let your kids see you read

have a happy day

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Lady of All Ladies

My Grandma....oh goodness...my Grandma.
My Grandma...probably like a lot of yours grew up working the farm.
While today she is a "well kept" lady ....she had quite an up-bringing....the lady could do some hard labor.

My grandmother loves to garden...she buys more plants and flowers than she can ever get in the ground.
Over the years has encountered many a "critter" while working in her yard.
I recall several stories of snakes....she will chop them in half in a hot minute.

Once a possum was getting in her fish pond...she hit it over the head with a hoe and toted it by the tail down to throw it in the woods....she tells the story as .... she didn't quite kill it and all the way to the woods it was trying to bite her thigh.....she had to really keep it at an arm's length.

Then there was the time she stepped in a hole up to her "crotch". The lady pulled herself out....a feat I am not sure I could muster.

I cant help but smile and sometimes chuckle at Grandma's adventures.

The latest one occurred just last week. Here is the account.

April...did I tell you about getting bit by the snake??
I was down at my mulch pile and as I scooped a shovel full I looked down by my foot and there was this snake...not a black snake....all coiled up ...tight...fixing to bite my leg.
I hit it with the rake....(hahaha of course she did....I am running....Grandma is whacking)
It didn't even stun it....and it crawled back in the mulch pile.
So I stood there thinking....Oh Lord....What am I going to do?
(I know what I would do)
So I looked around...and there behind me was a baby one....so I killed it (Oh Grandma)

I didn't see the big one anymore so I kept filling my buckets with mulch...I filled all 6 and loaded them on my trailer.

When I got up to the flower bed I started putting out the mulch....I was smoothing it out with my rake....well....in the third bucket full....there he was....he was in the mulch.
Well...he got woven in the forks of the rake.....so I grabbed my hoe and hit him....over and over.
I thought he was dead...so I put him in a bucket....well he crawled out twice...so I got him out and beat him some more...( did my Grandma just say beat him?....is this the same lady who changes purses each day and they must match her shoes?)

So I put him in a taller bucket...and showed him to Grandpa when he got home.....he said it was a Copperhead......I was so thankful he didn't bite me....(well I guess so, being a Copperhead and all)

OK...she was telling me this story in my office of the company she and my Grandpa own...so I walked her downstairs.....as she was leaving....we made a stop by Grandpa's office...he was shooting the breeze with one of our favorite salesmen...so we stopped to chat.

A few weeks ago my Grandparents home had a power surge and a lot of their appliances and such were damaged....she was telling the salesman about the phone company coming out to check on something and telling her she would have to move her TV and her dining room table so they could get to a certain area where some wiring was. Ok...again...Grandma's words.

I am not moving any furniture.....I am 79 years old...I don't move furniture....He said...well mam...we cant touch your furniture...you will have to move it...I said...I am not moving any furniture (You go Grandma).....I am calling my husband and you can talk to him...but you are in the wrong place if you think I am moving any furniture....I am a lady of all ladies....I don't move furniture !!!


I looked at Ed, the salesman "No...but she will chop up a snake and tote a possum by the tail down to the woods" I said.

Cue the stories....I tip-toed out and left Ed and Grandma......hang on Ed this will be quite a ride...with a lady of all ladies.

Love ya Grandma......hoping to be half as tough as you when I grow up.

have a happy day
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Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Been A While Huh......How About A Giveaway

Oh Creative Paper Trail.....How I love Creative Paper Trail.
I can not say enough about these goodies.
The listings occur every few nights in big batches and I always take a front row seat.

This week I have the honor of giving away this scrumptious packet of goodies.

1 set of Christmas cards (4)
1 set of Holly Jolly tags (10)
1 set of journal spots (2)
1 set of Reindeer embellishments (2)
1 set of Stocking mini cards (5)

How do you win ??

Go Visit Creative Paper Trail
Come back here and tell me the goodie you absolutely LOVE.

My sweet little Chloe will pick a winner on Sunday.

Good Luck Everyone.....You really want to win this one !!!

have a happy day
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For A Boy Or A Girl.....Well.....

Chloe and I picked up lunch yesterday at McDonald's
I don't like McDonald's very much
We have it every so often for Chloe....that kid loves a happy meal toy

She eats 1 1/2 maybe 2 of her nuggets.....1 or 2 apples...sucks down the chocolate milk then its on to the TOY

While ordering yesterday I was presented with the question...for a boy or a girl?
Meaning ...did I want the Batman Toy or the Wizard of Oz Doll

Chloe has absolutely no use for a Wizard of Oz Doll....she is not a doll kind of girl
However .... the idea of driving the BatMobile up and down my walls and kitchen counter just made her all giddy inside.

For some reason the boy or girl question caught me funny yesterday....well its for my precious baby girl...but yea she want the "boy" toy
So I pondered saying...."well its for my daughter but she would like the Batman toy"
Hmmm......I didn't want to sound like a wiener...and they probably would not catch all I said anyway...they seldom do
So I said......"boy"

From the back seat came....."Mom....I am not a boy"
"Yes honey....I know...they just wanted to know which toy you wanted"

Well...that didn't sit right....girls can play with cars too...and its FINE !!!
It bothered me and it bothered my Chloe....whom I them had to assure she could play with cars all day is she wanted...she did not ever have to get the baby doll....and bathe it...and walk it....and tote it around everywhere.
Of course if she wanted to...that would be fine.

I have always encouraged Chloe in her play....whether it be with a doll or a truck....a puppy or a dinosaur.
I think it is healthy to let our children be who they are...and not pressure them to "conform" to the ideas of what little girls and boys should be "doing"
You may catch Chloe from time to time with a baby but chances are it will be racing in a car.

So back to McDonald's....I am making a phone call today to let me know that I think they need to reword their ordering questions....Would you like the car or the doll? Would you like the Polly Pocket or the Neopet? Would you like the Indiana Jones Decoder or the Strawberry Shortcake Bracelet....which I must say Chloe would want the Strawberry Shortcake Bracelet...she does love Ms. Strawberry Shortcake I always did too....Yummy !!

Maybe if McDonald's can make that change then the girl who wants the BatMobile and the boy who wants the Wicked Witch Doll (which I have seen happen...much to the dismay of their daddy) won't be upset and grossed out if they overhear that they have just been called the opposite of what they are....cause gosh knows at that age they all start do develop the cooties ....what girl would want to be called a boy and vice versa. Ewwww !!!

have a happy day
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Disney Disney Disney....blah blah blah

I'm sorry if you are so over me talking about my Disney trip....but I'm a little excited so grin and bear it.

So this week I am wondering what footwear will be the best for the parks.

I am not so much a running shoe kind of girl...I don't like socks....my feet feel hot and cramped.

It is as if my feet have claustrophobia....they just want to get out.
I am wondering if regardless of that fact a running shoe would be the best ?I just bought these a few days ago...I have worn them...they are super comfortable.

Once again though..I hate socks...hubby says well you could wear those without socks...

Ummm..that got me thinkin' smelly and possible blisters....so not so much.

Oh yea...now we are talking...you know I am a Old Navy flip flop wearing freak.

This might make some of you cringe....flip flops at Disney....NO WAY...but I think I could do it.

I wear these everywhere....I never have sore feet.

But I am wondering if I might lose them on a ride....and Disney barefoot is definitely not for me.

But...maybe a flip flop with more bottom to it...more cushion...more support would be better.

I don't own Rainbows as of yet...I have heard they take a WHILE to break in....so if I want these I better go get some today.

Crocs....I am not a croc wearer...I like them just fine....just don't have a pair of my own...Chloe has many pairs.....I simply love them for kids.

Could they possibly be the best shoe for Disney?

If you got wet they could dry easily.

My feet can breathe....my feet can move.....


I just don't know...I do know I am a girl....so I can pack every single pair of these and have my pick each day can't I now?

have a happy day

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The Reward

I reward my daughter

Not for good behavior..... that is expected ...but for being brave.

For going into a potentially scary situation for a small child....and doing well.

Am I creating a monster ??? Maybe.

But if I have to buy her a little goodie to show her that I think she is so brave and courageous for the rest of her days....so be it....that I can do.

Chloe has her third dental appointment today....its just a cleaning.

However...there are sounds....shiny lights....cords and tubes....and its a little intimidating.

So...when we are finished...she will get the stickers...the toothbrush...the toothpaste....a BIG HUG....the I am so proud of you pep talk......and a trip to the toy store.

She already knows what she wants.....

Ming Ming's house....Ming Ming is a Wonder Pet and Chloe loves them to the moon and back.

Or maybe Tuck's house...the meek little turtle.

She will not be asking for Winnie's (her name is actually Lenny but "we" call her Winnie) house because she got that earlier this week for being so brave and listening so well at her new gym class.

Do you reward your kids for being "big"..."brave"...."courageous" ??
Edited to add.....she chose Tuck and his house.....and she was so good at the dentist !!
have a happy day
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing.....very seldom in our busy hectic lives do we experience perfect timing.

It is always perfect timing when hubby says to me that he is taking Chloe outside to play and one of my favorite "old" movies is next up according to the TV Guide.

I just get all giddy....you know me...I love me some 70's and 80's...if it's "old' its for me. Loverboy....Patrick Dempsey....even then...he was so cute. Extra Anchovies.
Hey You Guuuuyyyyssss !!! Does it get any better than The Goonies?
I am a proclaimed cheese-ball....yes I love musicals...Grease is my FAVORITE..... Yes I call Grease a musical...don't you ?
Dirty Dancing...this movie makes me so happy. I remember the first time I saw it being completely shocked at the grinding.....which these days is pretty "mild" by comparison.
Staying Alive....I am the only person I know who loves this movie....once again..dancing...music..I am a happy girl.
Classic 80's flick....anything boys can do ..... girls can do better.
This is just plain ole bubblegum fun.....dancing....love...teenage angst.....Perfect !!
Cocoon...I mostly like to watch this one because it reminds of being in my childhood home...Mom running around cleaning on a Saturday afternoon and me in the den watching Cocoon...it came on cable all the time.
I personally don't like this movie too much...once again the feelings it evokes are comforting...it reminds of my brother when he was little....I would watch this with him....he loved it so much. So when I catch it on....I do like to watch and remember our favorite parts .... like when Medussa loses her head....Ewww !

Lucas....once again....just typical high school fun. Love it.
Chances Are...this was on just the other day....I watched it and Tivo'd it so I can watch it over and over.....I loved Robert Downey Jr. in the 80's.
Once again...Patrick Dempsey....the geek gets the girl...geek loses girl.....geek gets cool ...gets girl back.
What "old" movies make you wish you could have the TV all to yourself for a couple of hours??
have a happy day
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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Friend for a Minute

Daddy brought home a little friend
Daddy has a very soft spot in his heart for animals
Mr. Turtle here was in the middle of the road
Daddy could not just leave him there Chloe fed him
I call it a him because some animals seem like hims to me....some seem like hers....turtles just seem like hims.
nibble nibble
enough of the salad
since we know the best thing for Mr. Turtle is to let him go....we explained that to Chloe and hopped in the car and rode down to the lake
now to find the perfect spot
somewhere safe where the neighborhood kids won't find him so easily
we had fun Mr. Turtle
safe journey.....friend.

have a happy day

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hang On...

Well....on the way home Chlo-Bug and I were gonna fill up the ole gas tank...since they are threatening higher prices and the shortage and all.

Nearly every tank....empty...bags on all the handles.
The only shops with gas are selling it s 4.59 a gallon....YIKES!!!!!

If you are in the path of IKE....I hope you have your thinking cap on and have gotten the heck outta dodge....that's country speak for....checked out....packed it up......hit the trail.

If you have crazily decided to tough it out......you betta Hang On.
Our prayers are with you all.

have a happy day

Oh...and P.S......don't forget the End of Summer Sale at JaneSays.
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Nursery Rhymes

Do you have a beloved nursery rhyme ?
One that your Momma used to tell you....maybe before beddy-bye

Mine is Jack and Jill...I always remember in the nursery rhyme books Jack always had a black eye and that strange x on his forehead...and stars circling his noggin

Today...... your favorite nursery rhyme can win you some goodies....
From the Lovely Lemon Tree Studio....delicious hair goodies
From JaneSays a collection of Nursery Rhyme Posies.
All you have to do is head over to My Lily Eden and tell us your favorite nursery rhyme of all time.
The cutie-pa-tootie known as Lily will pick the winner on Sunday !!
Also....JaneSays is having an End of Summer sale this weekend....head on over for some GREAT deals.

have a happy day !!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's For Dinner

Dinner....I don't cook it a lot
I used to cook nearly every night
Then we got hooked on the ease of eating out
I am making an effort to cook and eat at home
So to get myself back in the groove I needed something fast (less than 1 hour)
and something with few ingredients (all fit in one shopping bag)

Tater Tot Casserole
This is a man's dish....hearty and filling
therefore Garren loves it.....and Chloe and I don't think its too bad either.
Look how little you need
Beef (typically 1 lb.)
Creme of Celery Soup...I use the lower fat kind....you can use which ever you prefer.
1 Onion
Cheese....I use sharp cheddar....once again...suit yourself
Tater Tots
Salt N Pepper
You will need to grease your dish....so your favorite greasing stuff.

Oh and the pork-n-beans...that is my side...I love these beans with tater tot casserole.

I covered up my cool pink tie dyed tank top with my even cooler wild animals apron.
Chop one onion....I only use a little over half.....add more or less to suit your flavor or your picky family.
Brown the hamburger meat.
Add salt and pepper....to your liking.
Teach your kid a skill while the meat is browning....like whistling.
Add the onion....
After the beef is all browned...drain and pour into your GREASED baking dish...mix with the Cream of Celery soup....if the beef is over 1 lb. I use more soup....1 can per lb.of beef.
Cover the bottom of the dish.Line up the tater tots....this is a good time to call the little one(s) over to help. Nice job Chloe !!!
This is going in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.
Here we get out the fry daddy and fry the remaining tater tots to munch on.
I love fried food....its so bad ...I know !!
Remove from the oven......cover with cheese.
Bake for an additional 5 minutes just to melt cheese.
Dig in and Enjoy....and crack open a can of pork-n-beans if ya like.
have a happy day
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