Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Is A Big Debate

As I was sitting in my stylist's chair yesterday.....she said....
"your hair is a little dry.....what products are you using right now?"
Oh we go....Frankly....I have never liked spending millions on hair I will quickly drop 3 digits for a cut and color
but it kills me to spend more than $10.00 per hair product.
Well I answered her....."ummm...Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner"(she grimaced)....and hoping to escape what I knew was coming next....I quickly said "oh but I use your hairspray....Aveda Witch Hazel??"
Nope....that little tid bit did not save me.......the spill was as follows....
" that drug store shampoo coats your hair with makes it lifeless and heavy....and the conditioner is worthless....that is why your hair is so dry.
You need to be using our shampoo and conditioner"
Is it just me....or do you feel so pressured to buy the stuff.......
While I love going to the Aveda Salons to have my hair cut and such......the products are so pricey....the ones I do use....I LOVE....but shampoo and conditioner I just have a hard time believing they really can make a difference.

What do you use?
Do you think there is a noticeable difference between salon and drug-store products?
She has me leaning heavily towards the salon side of this argument....I wanna know what you ladies think.
have a happy day
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Amy Bell said...

i pretty much am a hair snob...sorry to say. i like to use the salon things or things that start with water as the first ingredient. i use my salon things, but get them elsewhere. i like aveda, but i also think there are a lot products that can do the same thing. you could find some higher end product that really works well and holds color longer. anyway, just a thought.....:)

Julie said...

Don't hate me. It matters. A lot. I really really wish it didn't but it does. I have bleached, long, curly, hates the world hair and the only thing that keeps me from looking like a dread-locked lion is good products. What you can get away with is store brand shampoo (the first 3 ingredients are almost always the same) and then splurge on really good conditioner. If I was Miss Moneybags I might be on team Aveda, but I actually really like Biolage. Much, much more affordable. You won't get the rich, earthy aromas that you probably love with Aveda, but your wallet will thank you.

C said...

I go with neither the cheapy or the spendy. I refuse to use the cheap stuff because I have super thin hair and spending a few more bucks does make a difference...but I am talking the upgrade from suave to pantene...I rarely go more spendy then pantene.:) i think the salon stuff is over priced.

Just me.....Shelly said...

Girl that salon stuff is overpriced, but.....yep, I use Aveda Shampure it's called. t I don't really think is VITAL. Naw. It's worth it for me cuz I gotta have something to tame my crazy mop, horse-hair. BUT, I also do use cheaper shamps and then I always have a bottle of Neutrogena clear shampoo--the one that gets rid of 99% of all buildup--I use that once a week, no matter what shampoo I use....makes it super clean feeling. Ya gotta get some of that. Funny thing is that I recently watched a show on this very topic and they tested all these shamps and found out that the salon ones didnt do anything better...seriously.

Karin Schueller said...

I REALLY think it depends on what type of hair you have. I have very oily hair, and the girls at my salon are always telling me that I have such healthy hair...even when I'm using crappy shampoo. But I do notice a difference in the bounce, etc, when I use the good stuff. I actually find that my hair does bettter when I switch it up and use different shampoos, and don't stick to one thing. It's probably all in my head, but I'm okay with that, lol.

jen said...

i use whatever is on sale :( but i'm not in love with my hair. maybe id like it better if i used nice stuff...

Polka Dot Moon said...

I love Aveda products, but use some called Pureology. I agree the salon products are spendy, but I've had my Pureology for over 6 months, a little goes a very long way.

Okay, now here's why.....I'm picky about what I use do to the ingredients - my environmental side is coming out - Pureology is also 100% Vegan, Zero Sulfates, smells fabulous (aromatherapy) and my hair feels and looks so much better :)

Aveda has a rewards program that earns points for products that don't expire! I've been saving mine for 2 years - for a big prize :) - I sound like my 6 year old at Chuck E. Cheese!

Anyway, sorry for the long post! Just remember that our skin is our largest organ and we really need to watch what we put on it. There si some nasty stuff out there!!!

Sara said...

Sorry. Hair snob here. I live for the salon products! But as others have pointed out, cheapy shampoo and good cond. might work out.. I think a part of it is your natural hair and what process' you get done on it! Good luck!!! =]

Marie said...'s my take. I have thick hair that gets dry. I have used several different types of Aveda shampoos ( I also go to an Aveda salon), and they have all dried out my hair even more. I've tried the Shampure, the scalp benefits one and the one for color treated hair. I didn't like the way any of them made my hair feel. I don't buy cheapy shampoo like Suave (sorry,no offense to suave users), but I've found that Pantene or Dove shampoos have been great for my hair. If I'm going to spend $10-$15 per bottle of shampoo and conditioner, I better notice such a huge difference immediately! But I didn't, so I've stuck to my store bought shampoos and now I have a lot of half used bottles of Aveda shampoo in my bathroom.

You can call me Lucky. said...

I switch up my shampoos...I try Tresseme, Infusium, and just recently the new Lorel Vive Pro with Royal Jelly.(I still don't know what royal jelly is though! haha)
I think my hair does good when I use different shampoos every now and again. I feel a differnce each time I switch up.
Every time I go get my hair done, the person tells me my hair is super I must be doing something right!
I also always use conditioners! :)
I wish I could use the salon products...but I am way to afraid of the price tags!

Vanessa said...

I have thin, fine, straight hair and different products really affect my hair. That being said, I find that a lot of the more expensive ones tend to weigh my hair down! I am best when I change my shampoos every bottle and I go between a cheap one and a midpriced. No product loyalty here. I find switching things up being the most helpful.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Okay - here is my opinion...which BTW I loved reading your other comments! My hairdresser said the same thing about the wax from my cheap I have been spending more- and my hair is better. At the beauty supply shop around here there is always a deal on some kind of "expensive - professional" brand - so that's what I do. I like Bed Head and I like Graham Webb! Hope that helps a little!

Fantastic Figments said...

I worked in a Salon for awhile and really am I beauty school drop out.. (okay I have a B.A. degree) but i am IN LOVE WITH HAIR! There is a difference and a lot fo the difference is in the ingredients .. Example, the less ingredients listed the less stripping qualities it will have. Also, the sulfates in general aren't great for the hair (sure your hair will be litteraly squeeky clean) but that isn't a good thing, if your hair squeeks when you run your hands through it that means the oils have been stripped out. That aside I feel the number one reason to use salon products and not all salon products but some is for colored hair. The more sulfate and stripping agents in a shampoo the faster the color will fade. Especially for the red heads out there.. Red is the fastest fading color so a really good quailt shampoo will save you the constant redying costs. Okay rammbled enough but you use whatever makes your happy.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i have tried it all.
always go back to Aveda.
i get the big 1 liter bottle with a pump... we ALL use it. i think we end up saving. not buying different stuff for the kiddos & we use way less (aveda is so concentrated).
for me i really think i see a difference... really.