Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gifts I Got and The Gift I Would Want To Get

Got another package in the mail......birthday goodies from the super sweet Amy of Stinky Toes Designs.A very fun card
the polaroid camera I won on a giveaway of hers
and the sweetest little tote with the sweetest little houses on it.
and this is what I am carrying around in the tote, my Disney Vacation Book....its officially my Disney vacation planning tote...thanks so much Amy...I LOVE it all.

And Now....the winner of the birdy handtowel giveaway.....the giver of the gift I would most like to receive is

Polka Dot Moon who commented this....
Happy Birthday to you!!!Well, my favorite thing to give my friends is from "Origins" and it's called "Birthday Suit" - a wonderful, silky spray you use right out of the shower and it smells awesome :) and I would also give you some "Peace of Mind" gumballs from there as well.I love giving aromatherapy goodies!

I love origins products....I don't think they have one I have not tried....well except for the make-up because I don't wear make-up...but all the other good sutff.....YEA...I love it.

Sooooo....get me your mailing address and the color combo you would love for your can contact me thru JaneSays conversations......Congratulations !!

have a happy day

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Polka Dot Moon said...

OH MY GOSH!!! YIPPEE!! I'm so very excited :)

Thanks so much April!!

Lindsay said...

Jane, you let me know if you need disney help :) Living in Orlando certainly has the benefit of knowing the touristy stuff inside and out!


Heidi Zawisza said...

I love your new page!!