Thursday, July 30, 2009


No parties
to celebrate Chloe's birthday this year
instead....let's grab a friend and do a trip to the Zoo

Dung Beetles.....educate yourself below

Why do these things require a quarter....I just paid to get in your zoo....can I NOT see a zebra close-up?

don't we know it .... Chloe did not shrink....we took her to this same zoo
for her 2nd birthday

3 years later....still a monkey !!!
yes....hopefully you do have your binoculars....cause the viewers cost 25 cents.
Sittin' on his padded seat

sittin' on his padded seat the polar bear cave
Ta - daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

nothin' like a little mist to go along with the steam and humidity....Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

dirt rocks !!!

how fun is this dirt kitchen....?

pedal power...the girls needed some help from G

perfect end to a perfect day.....a whirl on the carousel.....Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
have a happy day
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

T.G.I F ( The Girl Is Five)

My Beauty turns 5
Nope....can't believe it

I did not do one BIG party this year
I have done those every year since her birth.....I'm tired of the whole party thing
It's's over so fast.....and honestly Chloe just does not need to be showered with gifts.
This year we are doing mini celebrations....all week.
We took Chloe and one buddy to the Zoo ( will post that soon)
and her grandparents on each side are doing their own little shin-dig for her.
On this particular night we had dinner with Pa Pa Jay at TGI Fridays
and then following that up with a small spree through Toys R UsI will be the first to admit.....I am not crazy about posed planned photos
I like to catch people experiencing life.....
like for instance....what happens to a little girl's face when she knows she is about to
have a little shopping freedom inside Toys R Us.

Ha !! Completely Giddy !!
Ants in the pants and a smile on the face.
Both are still with us......the ants so much that right now (10.39 pm EST) I hear her...upstairs.... wide awake....running through the halls in anticipation of her REAL birthday .... tomorrow.
I always go up and take a photo and video of her in her bed, asleep the night before her birthday....from the sound of may be long night for me.
Happy Birthday Chloe
have a happy day
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