Friday, February 25, 2011

Headboard Easy Peasy

If you have read yesterday's post you know I am in mad spruce up,
re-decorate the entire house mode.
I am slowly in the process of taking some of the bolder, brighter goodies in my kitchen and family room out and subbing them with lighter more airy pieces.
I neatly folded a funky colorful African up and went upstairs to tuck it away.
Ha...caught me didn't ya I know it's an afghan silly, when I was writing this I was suddenly reminded of something from my childhood.
When I was in GA's, a girl's group at church we went to visit some shut ins. One of the little darlings we visited was sitting alone in her little house when we arrived watching her evening news. She said to us " I am so glad ya'll came I was needing my African....I love to be under my African."
Well being 6-12 year old girls we sniggled and images of that little old lady lying under a skinny African man wearing nothing but a rag tied around his waist danced in all of our heads.

So back to the afghan...when I walked into my room to put it away I noticed my dull, boring and so alone headboard and I had a vision in my Spring is coming change everything head, a new and and funky headboard.

I am too happy with the color this brings.
Is it silly....maybe....but I do love it.
What a fast, simple way to change up a headboard.
You could use anything a sheet, rug, blanket...anything you can drape over the headboard.
Play with yours you may just find something you love.

Here are some more for inspiration.

(source unknown)

(Better Home and Gardens)
This is simply a decoupaged on

Well yea I love this is true.

(source unknown)
While this is so pretty, I worry about that stuff falling on my noggin.

(source unknown)

unhappy with your headboard?
be inspired...change it.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puttin a Lil Spring in my House

It's that time of year.
The time of year that I grow tired of my decor, of my colors, of my furniture.
But changing ALL that could get expensive so
I spent an entire day moving things around, really does give a house a whole new look....a nice refreshed feeling...I love it.
I put a lot of my more colorful, bright goodies away ( odd I know if you know me you KNOW I LOVE color), I substituted them with softer shades of teal, pink yellow, green, and tan. My number one tip for making use of the things I already own and still satisfying my need to re-do is spray paint, I will paint anything just ask my neighbors, I always imagine they say "Oh look here comes crazy April with that motely old bed sheet and her cans of spray paint, wonder what she is painting today, she must be so hard to live with always painting eveything".

I even wondered today if I could spray paint a lamp shade and I'm looking into that.

This thrift store find birdie was the first to make a visit out to my tattered painting bed sheet on the porch.
If not for this coat of scrumptious teal paint a certain re-thrifting was in his near future, but now I just love him all over again.
I also changed the color of my kitchen catch-all basket today.....brand new.
my neighbor " Oh look honey...come here ...hurry...she is painting that basket again...she paints that thing 4 times a year."
True...I do.

This one adds a fun and whimsical frame around Chloe's mirror.

Nothing says spring like a collection of milk glass on a soft sage green shelf.
Sometimes I break this collection up with other items but I think just milk glass in a grouping is my favorite.

I switched around and added some new to my kitchen counter goodies.
I love this vintage inspired metal double decker basket I picked up at Hobby Lobby,
Vintage fabric strawberries in the top and napkins in the bottom for easy access.
A fresh daisy afghan
and some happy new pillows add just enough Spring to Chloe's room.
Oh I love this time of year, with new family room furniture arriving next weekend I am in high gear to refresh my home and re-decorate.
Don't miss my super easy, headboard makeover, really it takes 45 simple....look for that later this week.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swell Seven

Holly Mathis Interiors numbered stairs....I don't think it would look to swell to number on my carpet (ick) stairs....note to neurotic house re-doing carpet off stairs so as to number them...yes !!

I found this photo via tumblr, do you see the painted stumps at the foot of the unique and sweet. After I rip the carpet off my stairs I'm gonna find me a pair of stumps.
(if you know the source of this photo do let me know)

Go here and check out the before of this lovely bench.....this transformation is amazing.
Elephants, the 80's, rainbow water spray, tiny suitcase...what more could you want?
Now this is a crib spring make-over. Now where is my crib spring ?

Best Banana if these are the BEST let's try them. I have 2 bananas on my counter right now, I'll hide them from the natives so they can ripen perfectly and some muffins I will make.
This is filed in my inspiration folder, love this.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Okie What ?

Okie What?
Okie Noodling...that's what.
Do you know what this craziness is?
I stumbled upon a show on our local educational channel a while back
titled Okie Noodling.
Well yea....that title caught my attention so I hit ENTER on my remote and what I saw next scarred me for life. I will tell you briefly what it is but please google okie noodling and watch a video or 2 ( I didn't want to link any here because some of them may or may not have foul language).

Alright so people, men and even women get in to the water, a pond, lake whatever waist high
chest high it doesn't matter the water condition or level is not an issue it's what they do next.
These, adventurous we'll call them, people then find holes in the dirt, under the water and stick their whole arm in the hole to fetch these giant fish, flathead catfish.

I believe the actual technique is called hand-fishing and the Okie comes from Oklahoma where I guess this is a regular practice and the noodling, well I don't know where that came from.

Watching this show that night and skimming over some videos online, just get me all tense. The thought of sticking my arm in a whole under some murky water where I can't see a darn thing and grabbing a GIANT fish by the mouth well that just.

So the whole okie noodling "sport" got me thinkin'....what would have to be in that hole for me to get in that water and get it......and there is not even a big ugly fish in that hole, I just have to get in the murky, creepy water and stick my arm in the hole to get my prize. Well let's make it a little more risky, the big fish are swimming around everywhere as well as all kinds of water bugs and snakes....eeeeeek.

I told Mr. JaneSays about this post and he replied..."what ... you wouldn't reach in that hole to get Chloe or me, and wouldn't the water ruin all of those items April?"
So I made my own rules.
The items have to be completely materialistic and no the water does not ruin them silly, this is make believe.

So here is my list, these are my flathead catfish. Lifetime supply of pistachios I would so reach in that hole for yummy pistachios everyday for the rest of my life.

A Canon 50D.....I may even go for it with the fish in the hole too.

Frye Melissa boots, even if each boot were in a different hole, and no the leather is not ruined... remember?

Well if you know me at all you KNOW I'm goin' in for a Disney Vacation Club membership for the fam.

Le Creuset cookware. I have a couple pieces of this but a whole matching set, every girl's dream. Cooking is so much more fun in pretty dishes.
Yes of course I would reach in the hole to get any and all family members, and their health and well-being, but that would not be any fun now would it.
What completely materialistic item would you go noodling for?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mom Jeans

Watching a Saturday Night Live's all commercials.

Forgot about this you remember Mom Jeans.

Watch it now...too funny.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cord Drawer Re-do

Inside this pretty little chest is an uh-happy growls frequently and to be completely
frank it leads to growling from the humans too. It's the cord drawer.
Some cords have an assigned spot the DSLR cord stays in the camera bag.
The phone cords stay in a drawer in the kitchen.
Some cords have no where to go so they get dropped in to the chaos that is the cord drawer.
This drawer is difficult for everyone.
Who knows what cord goes to what device, they get all tangled truly is just a mess.
I had a bit of free time and upon receiving another device from Mr. JaneSays recently that came with THREE cords I decided it was time for a change.
I walked around the house and collected some cute props and a vintage pillow sham.

I then collected all of the devices in our home.
Then I took uber cute photos of each device.

After a 30 minute shoot...done.
Then after minimum editing I created a sheet with all of the photos on it and printed it on sticker paper.
Then I grabbed some plastic baggies in various sizes......cut out the stickers and stuck them on the bags that would accommodate the cords for the device on the sticker.
For example the devices that had 2 more cords or large cords I put in a gallon bag and smaller ones in a sandwich bag.

I'm feeling better already. This is going to be great.

Organization makes me happy.
I love this idea.

and sounds like my happy little teal chest does too.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I nearly forgot to tell you...head over to Under the Sycamore for a JaneSays Vintage giveaway and many many more.

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The Drawer

It seems every electronic technological device we buy has 3 cords or more.
One to charge it.
One to plug it into your computer.
One to plug it into your TV.
Sometimes one to charge and use it in the car.

We keep ALL these cords in a drawer, it's a mess.
It's usually Chloe that has to dig in there for a cord and 9 times outta 10 it requires Mr. JaneSays or myself to untangle and figure it out.
And then 9 times outta 10 we have the wrong cord.
I came up with a Chloe friendly solution.
Come back tomorrow to see how a vintage pillowcase, blocks that spell LOVE, and some Super Mario toys help me do that.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Swell Seven

Now these are tweezers.

lovely headboard...get out your tools and make your own....then make me one.

I LOVE this post from mmmcrafts on where the hair clips are...cute and clever.

Be just like the tv chefs....crack an egg with one hand now you can do it too.

be a little girl again...use glitter nail polish.

Yee Haw...need I say more.

I think I could re-create cute.

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