Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Think love....even if you don't shower your loved ones with oodles of candy and gifts today (I don't ) them...think about them. No gifts required.
I am not a big Valentine's day type of will come and go.
Chloe gets a little treat...Mr. JaneSays gets a little (and I mean little) itunes gift card....I may try to make something heart-shaped for dinner if I feel ambitious.

Today I have errands to store.....lunch with my mom ( my favorite day off activity...time with your mom when you are both adults....girl time with your mom...priceless)

I need to wash my dogs....I'm getting new furniture in my family room I need to measure and map it out it would stink to buy TOO MUCH furniture for the room.

Spring is coming ( dare I speak too soon), I'm ready...I can not wait to pull all the brown crap outta my beds, that's cleansing...good times and so soothing to the OCD, the dead brown mess has been taunting me for weeks I tell ya.

I need to go visit my new niece, been one week since I have held that little nugget of joy and that is way too long.

Alright....have a lovely heart day and remember it's not about the "stuff"....think about love....think about them.

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Margaret said...

We don't go big on Valentine's Day either. We do something fun with the family. This year it was out for ice cream and then games at home.