Friday, February 25, 2011

Headboard Easy Peasy

If you have read yesterday's post you know I am in mad spruce up,
re-decorate the entire house mode.
I am slowly in the process of taking some of the bolder, brighter goodies in my kitchen and family room out and subbing them with lighter more airy pieces.
I neatly folded a funky colorful African up and went upstairs to tuck it away.
Ha...caught me didn't ya I know it's an afghan silly, when I was writing this I was suddenly reminded of something from my childhood.
When I was in GA's, a girl's group at church we went to visit some shut ins. One of the little darlings we visited was sitting alone in her little house when we arrived watching her evening news. She said to us " I am so glad ya'll came I was needing my African....I love to be under my African."
Well being 6-12 year old girls we sniggled and images of that little old lady lying under a skinny African man wearing nothing but a rag tied around his waist danced in all of our heads.

So back to the afghan...when I walked into my room to put it away I noticed my dull, boring and so alone headboard and I had a vision in my Spring is coming change everything head, a new and and funky headboard.

I am too happy with the color this brings.
Is it silly....maybe....but I do love it.
What a fast, simple way to change up a headboard.
You could use anything a sheet, rug, blanket...anything you can drape over the headboard.
Play with yours you may just find something you love.

Here are some more for inspiration.

(source unknown)

(Better Home and Gardens)
This is simply a decoupaged on

Well yea I love this is true.

(source unknown)
While this is so pretty, I worry about that stuff falling on my noggin.

(source unknown)

unhappy with your headboard?
be inspired...change it.
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