Thursday, February 10, 2011


A bit about my yesterday........
It was one of my 2 days off
Mr. JaneSays was home sick with allergy issues
I warned him not to cramp my day off style
He did not
joking...joking...I would have loved for him to interrupt my crafting and such to take me to
lunch....much to my dismay he slept right thru lunch. poor babyman.
so here goes bits of my yesterday, minus lunch
My new camera strap arrived (squeal)
I could not LOVE it more. The ruffle is so girly and dainty.
My my, won't taking photos be so much fun now?
Visit MelV if you must have one too, and right now there is a 25% off coupon so scoot along.
I know I remember this too.
The Speak and Spell....that little robotic voice....remember that?
I found this learning sensation at a thrift store, it's been in my home for a few months now and
since we all have had our fill of it it's going in the vintage shop soon.
There was a Speak & Math too, remember that one?
I finished up a custom order for a special customer today, a pile of pleated blossoms.
Happy happy. to me.
After seeing a Pepsi Max commercial today I it too good to be true?
Have you tried Pepsi Max?
Does it tasted like Pepsi ?
I would LOVE nothing more than to quit THE PEPSI, cold turkey just ain't happenin', it just aint.
I am hooked...I LOVE it.
Pepsi Max...sounds like a nice way to at least get off the loaded fill me in on this Pepsi Max character. biggest accomplishment of yesterday
Sound that big ole horn
the boat can pull away from the dock now
I have joined Netflix
I'm the last one....I know
what was I waiting on ??
How simple, convenient, and great is Netflix?
Oh my goodness.
Do you use it, do you love it?
Am I totally in the honeymoon phase...are drama and issues soon to follow?
My queue is FULL of eighties movies....what's is in yours ?
Well now what a productive little day off....even if I didn't get lunch with Mr. JaneSays.

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Crystal said...

pepsi max IS awesome.

and so is netflix. :) i like the movies you can watch on demand right on your computer or through your TV. :) do you have a wii? you can connect netflix and wii and watch movies that way too. :)

Karen~ said...

I love the camera strap April!

Haven't tried Pepsi Max but always looking for a great tasting diet drink.

We have Netflix, I watch movies through our Wii then Tyler watches movies through his Xbox. We love it.

pinkpatrice said...

I'm a total Dr Pepper girl, so I haven't even heard of Pepsi Max! (gasp)
LOVE my Netflix! I have watched all of the "Prison Break" and "24" seasons and am now on the final season of "Lost". My husband is always watching movies, though.
And my two year-old has the remote down pat. lol

Anonymous said...

I've been 'addicted' to Pepsi Max for years, although it might taste different here in the UK. Give it a try!