Monday, February 7, 2011


We have been baking again....more on that later in the week.
This is what you get when you have a silly child in the potty humor phase at your side playing with her horses while you bake with chocolate chips.
Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa.... have to laugh.
She had her horses out because we were watching Flicka, Chloe likes to play while she watches a movie....with toys from that movie....if we are watchin' Kung Fu Panda we drag out those figures...Toy Story....Buzz and Woody and the gang.....Tinkerbell...well you get the idea. No there was no horse poop in Flicka, this must have been a deleted scene.
Have you seen Flicka? Good movie. They play that tear jerker MyLittle Girl by Tim McGraw at the end ugh.....could do without that, it kills me, but it did allow me with some snuggle time with Chloe ( I had to scoop up my little girl at the first verse), and a good cry...who doesn't love both of those.
Feels a little wrong to mention this after a horse poop mention....but here goes. You can get this But the Greatest of these is LOVE print HERE at Crafts and Sutch for FREE....nice frame, pretty mat, this FREE print...done. I love it !!

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