Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ongoing Dilemma

Why is it that I can order a pizza online
watch oil spewing from a well hundreds of miles away just by turning on my laptop
tell my television to record a show for me from my phone
I have no way of getting lotion on my own back by my own power
its the season of little backless dresses and I want a smooth moisturized back at all times
well lo and behold if you google this conundrum
you will find some oddities for sure
Some people state in forums that they squirt lotion on a door of the floor
and.....well...roll or rub in it.....ewwww
of course there is always a family member...but we know they are not always available and well some things you just wanna do yourself
The lotion applicator with a 12 inch handle
you can see it here
it pretty much resembles a wooden spoon
and whomever they have naming their products deserves a raise
I just don't see this working too well
without a doubt a catchier name
and a little more do-able and believeable than the spoon
but still the upkeep....washing this contraption....and ugh...where do you keep it
The Maksim....and you know this would work GREAT
I could not resist.
Does he not look like the best back lotion putter oner you have ever seen?
I know I am so overboard with Maksim...but he'll be outta my head for a least until the next season.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's hands

When I think of my mom
I'm sure as with you
I have an abundance of thoughts
great memories of good times and of not so good
of experiences both fun and scary
actual photographs
etched in my mind
just one of those photographs is of my mom's hands
just as sure as I can see my mom's hands in this photo of she and Chloe
mixing cookie dough, with her old school mixer that even though it smelled hot after a few minutes she would not get rid of
I can see my mom's hands in my mind
the nails
the wrinkles
the lines
the olive skin tone
I love her hands
while her heart and her mind and her determination
raised me up
her hands actually did the work

and now
perhaps even more special than to me
Chloe will remember these hands
a LOVING and selfless Nana
whose hands are still doing everyday

a Nana like no other
On this mother's day.....Chloe and I LOVE you so much mom
and we are so thankful for your LOVING hands.
Happy Mother's day mom.

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Friday, May 7, 2010


Today my darling daughter
brought me gifts home from school
One was a stepping stone with her precious hand I didn't have one of these
I just LOVE it to pieces.
With her she also brought a little sheet of questions
that she answered about her dear mother
How old is she? 40 ( child...not yet....not yet....quit aging ya Mama)
How much does she weigh? 60 lbs ( plus 1o plus 30 plus 50 minus I know all of you are trying to do that math so you can see how my Ms. JaneSays aren't ya?)
What does you mother like to do? she likes to do crafts ( darn tootin' I do)
What do you like the best that she cooks for you? She cooks raviolis ( Chloe...those come from a can baby....don't you like my sloppy joes...or my steaks...come on)
What makes your mom angry? She gets angry when the dogs get on the couch ( true....lately they are ruining my cushions...cause they like to get on top and smush them...arghhhhh...and if Chloe knows...why don't my spoiled rotten dogs get it?)
What makes your mom laugh? she laughs at me ( yes I do...especially when you say I am 60 lbs.)
What do you like best about you mother? I like that she is pretty ( I'm not real likable in a nutshell but I am pretty)

oh my dearest Chloe....this was just so fun to read....and I LOVE being your mom way more than crafting...and I am so glad you think I am pretty cause I think you are too.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well before we get to the winner
Let's celebrate Cinco De Mayo
with a few pics of Maksim for no other reason than
why not???ok....the winner have done it commented at the lucky spot
the sweetie-pie birdcage from Beca Runs is yours !!!
congratulations.....get in touch with me.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have often wondered
why cars aren't
why can't they be decorated
I know you can have your car "done" any way you want after purchase
but .... why don't they sell them
already dolled up
polka colors
I would LOVE to drive one
it takes a certain amount of quirkiness and I think I have just enough
to do it ...without feeling to silly shut-up....this is covered in vintage fabric.....whatever.....
little extra on this one...but the painting...oh the painting
like driving in a garden

vintage quilt Honda....for granny

patchwork Volvo.....swoon
maybe these are just not for you....I get it
I do believe I would drive one....however...I am not so much a leader...but not really a follower if you will first I will second....for sure.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

So you know

you got a dog?
then you've seen it
and you may have wondered why
take them out for a potty break
or a walk

and as if a voice calls them over
they begin to roll
with vigor and determination
on a very certain spot
over and over
I still to this day assume there is just
something dead there.....because
I remember when I was a chap our dog would
roll on a frog or bird carcass
there must be more to it
I took Leia out and she rolled and rolled
and I saw NOTHING on the ground
So I went in and got Daisy
she rolled and rolled in the exact same spot
which led my science experiment in another direction
I needed to know why all the rolling
after very little googling (because many others have wondered this too)
I discovered they do this to hide their own scent
so as to not be tracked by their predator
where ever they shall roam after the rolling they will just
smell like dead frog....or bird....and not like alive and well weenie dog
In most cases it may just be considered in their "nature"
but in this case where Chloe is constantly aggravating them both
I assume they are trying to throw her off
what smart dogs I have....even if they do look so silly doing it you know......
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