Sunday, May 2, 2010

So you know

you got a dog?
then you've seen it
and you may have wondered why
take them out for a potty break
or a walk

and as if a voice calls them over
they begin to roll
with vigor and determination
on a very certain spot
over and over
I still to this day assume there is just
something dead there.....because
I remember when I was a chap our dog would
roll on a frog or bird carcass
there must be more to it
I took Leia out and she rolled and rolled
and I saw NOTHING on the ground
So I went in and got Daisy
she rolled and rolled in the exact same spot
which led my science experiment in another direction
I needed to know why all the rolling
after very little googling (because many others have wondered this too)
I discovered they do this to hide their own scent
so as to not be tracked by their predator
where ever they shall roam after the rolling they will just
smell like dead frog....or bird....and not like alive and well weenie dog
In most cases it may just be considered in their "nature"
but in this case where Chloe is constantly aggravating them both
I assume they are trying to throw her off
what smart dogs I have....even if they do look so silly doing it you know......
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Meet Virginia said...

Too cute! I have a chocolate wiener dog too they are the best!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!