Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ongoing Dilemma

Why is it that I can order a pizza online
watch oil spewing from a well hundreds of miles away just by turning on my laptop
tell my television to record a show for me from my phone
I have no way of getting lotion on my own back by my own power
its the season of little backless dresses and I want a smooth moisturized back at all times
well lo and behold if you google this conundrum
you will find some oddities for sure
Some people state in forums that they squirt lotion on a door of the floor
and.....well...roll or rub in it.....ewwww
of course there is always a family member...but we know they are not always available and well some things you just wanna do yourself
The lotion applicator with a 12 inch handle
you can see it here
it pretty much resembles a wooden spoon
and whomever they have naming their products deserves a raise
I just don't see this working too well
without a doubt a catchier name
and a little more do-able and believeable than the spoon
but still the upkeep....washing this contraption....and ugh...where do you keep it
The Maksim....and you know this would work GREAT
I could not resist.
Does he not look like the best back lotion putter oner you have ever seen?
I know I am so overboard with Maksim...but he'll be outta my head for a least until the next season.
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