Monday, March 22, 2010

Gladder than Glad

that Dancing with the Stars is back on my TV tonight
yes....because I LOVE dancing so much...that's why.....yea.
have a happy day
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being a TEAM

I knew when I saw the calf muscle on the ultrasound that Chloe would one day be
an athlete.....perfect...cause I simply would not be good at pageant princess stuff....just wouldn't
We did not start her in soccer at me that is just crazy.....running clue what you are other words...just useless....if you love it...great...just seemed silly to me.
We put her in gym/fitness class at 4....once just seemed like glorified playtime to me...for which I was paying a bundle for and she didn't LOVE we quit that.
Chloe is now 5 and growing fast so we definitely think its a good time to take something kinda serious....start learning a to be a TEAM.
We told Chloe she could play one sport...she chose t-ball.
I'm happy with that...and goes without saying my softball playing hubby is too.
I was otherwise emotionless about the whole t-ball thing.....that is until the day before we had our first practice.
The goods.....we have to have the goods. pretties......agh.....why is this affecting me this way ?
I instruct hubs to pick up the pink puma cleats on his way home....we already have the pink glove.
I made a special trip to Ulta to pick up hair pretties pretties for t-ball?
A pink bat is on my weekend shopping list.
Upon arriving at practice....I was experience this with cheer her be her biggest FAN !!!
It was cold...wind and shade make for a chilly time.
There are 4 other girlies on her was so fun to watch them with their lil' pink gloves...kickin dirt around with there new cleats....bonding....chatting...laughing...good good..she is having a good time...after all this is about fun....I mean they are 5....right?
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo....practice begins.
I keep hearing this grunting noise.....over and over.
I can't figure it that a child.....a 5 year old....on my child's team?
Ah haaa....I spot the grunter.
oh JOY...the coach's child.....and he is PUMPED....and keeps saying over and over..."my dad is the dad is the coach"
So hubs walks up...and simultaneously as I am thinking....oh JOY...he says exactly what I am thinking...and just in case coachy ever reads my blog...I'll keep that quiet.
Like mad....scenarios begin running through my I going to be "that" parent ?
You know...the one yelling....making comments.....standing up for my child against your child.....arguing......fighting (no fists though....not me) will I react....when a child tags my child out and their parent yells.......Way to Get her......oh no she didn't !!!!
I'm worried about me....Chloe IS MY GIRL !!! I will simply not be able to take it....I'm afraid.
I have heard stories...the worst part of kids sports is the parents...I believe it....though I did not until yesterday at I do.
This may just be a lesson in sportsmanship and being a TEAM for me on !!

have a happy day
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

frustrated and well...just darn mad

I don't ever complain on my blog
I know there are peeps who wish I would "share" (complain) more
I know there are those of you who relish a little drama
and little controversy
I have seen it spread like wildfire on other blogs
I have never wanted my blog to be that kind of place
I don't really air my dirty laundry here
believe me I air it...but not here

Sure I whined when I sewed my finger to a towel last year...but can ya blame me
other than that.....well this blog has been pretty light

that is ALL about to change
for a minute anyway
I am ILL
banging my head on the wall
pacing in circles
steaming from my ears
Do any of you have a brother
a troubled brother
a brother that took the wrong road a long time ago
and keeps on truckin'
and there a person
in your family that you have the HIGHEST love admiration and respect for
and that person enables.....piratically supports.....and unbeknownst to him probably
has aided and abetted more than once.
It frustrates
to want your brother to get better
to heal
to rise above and do something with his life
a precious life
that he has been given
what is it in some some individuals that they are so blind
and that would be referring to my brother and the enabling family member
I seriously just need to SCREAM
I understand that people think you can love a person enough to make them better
but you can't...not when that love is enabling
Tough Love is needed was needed years ago
it's needed NOW breathing gets so shallow just thinking about
this helpless.....seemingly hopeless situation
I makes my head is this my brother??
how ??
The little booger who carried a ShirtTales backpack to
kindergarten...this little boy that I protected and yea every once in a while
How does this family is wonderful...normal....stable...then we have him.
I know its a sickness....I get that....doesn't change that is FRUSTRATING !!!!

now...that was out of the ordinary huh?
no clue why I had to post that...just did.
If you read the whole thing.....thanks......cause I have talked and complained everyone around here blue in the face.
I am exhausted...and I am mad.

Prayers are welcomed and needed

have a happy day
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So you wanna write a children's book

forever and a day
I have wanted to write a book
the thought of writing a novel overwhelms me
the focus and dedication that must take
knocking myself down a few pegs I
consider a children's book
yea.....that seems doable
being a teacher's child
books rule
reading is king or should be for a child
I ponder .... jot down notes of daily
occurrences that could contribute to
a good children's book
and for goodness sake
living with a bubbly happy spark like Chloe
the inspiration flows like honey
eventuallyI arrived at THE idea
I have one....I have it
and its good
I see it unfold in my head
I see the illustrations
I want it finished
Why can't I leap
write it
type it
do it
what's the hold up?
I frustrate myself with the procrastination
what is the worst that could happen
nobody wants the book
and chances are that would be the case
if you google so you wanna write a children's book
it drills that home....its HARD to get a children's book published
hard to believe huh.....cause I have definitely read a good bit of children book junk
boring slow stories that go nowhere
but my idea
my story
I feel like it could go places...take a child on an adventure
show a child some good times
make a child smile
and a parent happy to read my story to their child
If you have a pair of gently used leaping shoes that you could let me
borrow or use...I would appreciate it.....and if they do indeed work
I just may keep them and you can choose any item in my shop as payment
Have you wrote a book....did you leap....tell me about it if you did
I need a push

have a happy day
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

this and that

Around the corner is the time
when ALL the roly-polies
march into our home each and every night
while we sleep
Chloe...on hands and knees, ha and belly, finds each and every one

Will my bird family come back
for a third year in a row?
It is a wonder and a treat to watch
I remember the first year they came
Momma was having such a hard time...getting her twigs and
sprigs to stay on the small ledge of our back porch
so I asked the hubs to nail up a board and give her more room
she appreciated that...and has built here 2 years in a row
she knows we like her.....she'll come back...I just know it.
I don't officially spring you?
I spring organize..and spring de-clutter...but no cleaning.

I want to go here now
ranch onions....large tea no lemon...with the small ice

I want to go here soon
uh want to go with me....doncha?
I get Chloe's birthday cakes here......DIVINE !!
Excited about garden season
Cutie pa tootie tiny taters...a pain to peel...but cute.

Bee Movie....remember that movie
While at the beach Chloe spotted these Barry Bensons
at a Nascar Speed Park
she had just seen the movie
and had to have one
she was cute and little
and we could not say no to cute and little can't buy Barry Benson
he does not have a price
but he does have a ticket total
ha.....don't recall how many tickets we
had to have to get him
but Daddy shot basketball
for EVER
and we got him
doesn't he have a face only a mother could love ?
So sad today about this bee
Daisy got Barry Benson
ripped all his felt legs and arms slap off
breaks my heart
he was a memory
she ADORED him for months
have a happy day
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Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was Seuss week at school
each day had a designated sort of crazyChloe is never too sure about dressing
crazy...wacky....backwards.....silly....for school
doesn't like to draw attention to herself
after a little coaxing she was most excited about heading down
the halls of education in some not so everyday school clothes
she had so much fun and promptly requested to wear the skirt again tomorrow her to pieces

Nothing like a little Seuss to get you goin'
rhyming colors.....silly characters
It would seem all the Seuss-ness
gave my creative side a jolt
I have been effortlessly churning out yummies all week

Brand new and so exciting......fabric goodies rock !!!
Each one with different fun and encouraging message for your kiddos....and different color birdies too.
I have been drawing pictures and fun notes on paper towels for Chloe EVERYDAY
when it occurred to me HOW MANY paper towels we were I came up with these,
now I stick a fun napkin in her lunch each day...wash them over the weekend and do it all over again the next week.
Easily customizable and so earth friendly....these napkins are even thrift store finds...double Earth friendly.
Ugh...these make me speechless
Every once in a while I make something that
I want to keep for myself so bad
this is one of those things
and so is this......I am so in LOVE with these towels

Love x 4...some new hoop wall art
Cute cute cute.
Pencil Cans
All dolled up....Chef Boyardee yummy vintage fabrics and trims
Your pencils never had it so good.
You can find all of these goodies at JaneSays ....if not now...they will be there soon.
have a happy day
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