Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was Seuss week at school
each day had a designated sort of crazyChloe is never too sure about dressing
crazy...wacky....backwards.....silly....for school
doesn't like to draw attention to herself
after a little coaxing she was most excited about heading down
the halls of education in some not so everyday school clothes
she had so much fun and promptly requested to wear the skirt again tomorrow her to pieces

Nothing like a little Seuss to get you goin'
rhyming colors.....silly characters
It would seem all the Seuss-ness
gave my creative side a jolt
I have been effortlessly churning out yummies all week

Brand new and so exciting......fabric goodies rock !!!
Each one with different fun and encouraging message for your kiddos....and different color birdies too.
I have been drawing pictures and fun notes on paper towels for Chloe EVERYDAY
when it occurred to me HOW MANY paper towels we were I came up with these,
now I stick a fun napkin in her lunch each day...wash them over the weekend and do it all over again the next week.
Easily customizable and so earth friendly....these napkins are even thrift store finds...double Earth friendly.
Ugh...these make me speechless
Every once in a while I make something that
I want to keep for myself so bad
this is one of those things
and so is this......I am so in LOVE with these towels

Love x 4...some new hoop wall art
Cute cute cute.
Pencil Cans
All dolled up....Chef Boyardee yummy vintage fabrics and trims
Your pencils never had it so good.
You can find all of these goodies at JaneSays ....if not now...they will be there soon.
have a happy day
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Kandi said...

Too cute! My boys got to wear their pajamas to school on Tuesday for Dr. Seuss' birthday. They could also bring a sleeping bag/blanket and pillow for the all day reading fest. Everyone in the school was in jammies, even the teachers. They do that every year and it's so cute!