Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Poison

So my hubs and Chloe and I
we have a way of eating at the same establishments
all the time....over and over.
It's's's cozy.
We have FAVORITE meals
We get to KNOW the servers and managers
There is something so small town comfy about walking in
a restaurant and everyone smiles...and says hi...and calls you by name.
Now.....there is a phenomenon that occurs with this that is causing me
a little stress recently...just a wee bit...but stress none the less.
I have been trying to drink less SUGARY drinks.....more water.
Well....not til' I embarked on that journey did I notice the problem
with the servers KNOWING me.....when I sit down at my very favorite
restaurant...a sweet tea almost beats me there. When I sit down at my
favorite Mexican restaurant a Pepsi beats me there.
When we are all done with our go cups....filled to the brim with poison
arrive with freshly wrapped straws for our journey.
I LOVE that they know me....and that they want us to be happy
and I love the little smile on their face when they have our drinks on the table before our booties hit the seat....they think they are so clever.
I just can't make myself say....ohhhhh....yeaaaa....I wanted water tonight.....I can't crush their accomplishment of knowing their customer.....I just can't. today top it off.....our happy happy fun super special Mexican server at our ONLY spot for Mexican....brought us complimentary dessert.....are you KIDDING me ???
You server people are awesome....and I do I do appreciate your hard work....and your ESP abilities
And because I can't stand to tell you otherwise....I'll have a tea and a Pepsi and dessert if you like.....and I'll drink my water at home.

have a happy day
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Summer said...

I think that is hilarious! I used to do the same thing when I was a server. I would have the drinks and bread already waiting....always in hope of a better tip!

Crystal said...

I love it when a place knows you! I think it DOES make them a little sad when you don't want your regular. :)

Anonymous said...

I do the SAME thing... I love to go to the same placee over and over... what is that about?! LOL.