Friday, February 12, 2010

this week

I have not been around like all week.....bad blogger....I know.
Congrats to the Saints.....and their fans
ate lots and lots of buffalo chicken dip
it was good.
Got a new laptop....loving it...completely.
Thanks to everyone you made JaneSays' Valentine
season a HOT one.....Love you all.....mean it.
Heading out the door to Chloe's valentine party
what is cuter than kindergartners exchanging those cheap
little paper valentines....nothing I say....nothing.
I'll bring you some photos.
Excited about the Olympics too.....what is your favorite
event....I love me some bobsled...remember Cool Runnings
fun movie.
tata for now
have a happy day
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Megan said...

ohhh, favorite? Can I pick them all? Excited for them to begin!

Happy heart day!

Brenda Fisher said...

I am not a skier but love to watch the athletes schoosching down the slopes!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!