Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Know You Want Her

Don't ya have the urge to just squeeze somethin' ?
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have a happy day

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Monday, May 25, 2009

More Tongue Than You EVER Wanted To See

Chloe's school took a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch
You know the routine.....get the buckets of food
ride on the wagon pulled by a horse
Feed the animals
even the ugly ones
Sometimes they help themselves

Tongue #1
Tongue #2

A face only a mother could love
and tongue #3
Tongue #4
So BIG I feel safe counting it as tongue # 5 & 6Cleaning the wagon floor just in case we dropped any food
ugly but smart
tongue # 7
Favorite part

Sharing her food.....I love that kid

I would have to have some blue cheese with that
Trust me....tongue #8 is inside the bucket

Tongue #9

Tongue #10

If you did not see enough tongue to last you a lifetime....let me know
I have more
have a happy day

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Is A Good Day

Tuesday is winner have won the teeny tiny ABC stamps
Please get me your mailing emailing me
click the link in the upper right.
Congratulations...and thank you for reading my blog. Tuesday is basking in the SUN day
Daisy loves the sun
She is sooooo shiny....I love her

Tuesday is thrifting day....let us see what we found
Loving this bright blue came with a zippered liner....for carrying food to picnics.
I just snipped that baby out.
Love this little jewel......catch-all for my desk.

Child's dictionary......I got a gob of other books for Chloe too...but I forgot to upload the photo
to blogger....and if you use blogger too, you know why I am not going back to add it in.

Come to Mama.......3 tiered metal basket .... thingy....(I don't know what you officially call it)
Had to give her a fresh and happy coat of sunny yellow the minute I got home
She is of bound.
Love love

Bought this to basically destroy.....paint and do my own thing to it....but the more I look at it
the more I think maybe I'll sale it as a vintage item in the shop.....would surely be sooo cute for an avid sewer.

A PILE of ornate frames......begging for paint and cuteness.....just you wait !!

Tuesday is a good day to provide the answers to a couple of questions....
Karen.....Lei Lie is doin' pretty good with Daisy. She does stay under the sofa and the bed a lot...and kinda has a snooty attitude toward the pup....she acted the same way when we brought Chloe home.....I am sure she will adjust......eventually (fingers crossed)
Tiffany..... I purchased Chloe's lights at Hobby Lobby.
Go to the shop to see my new and first pillow....well not the first I have made...but the first EVER in the shop.
have a happy day
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Birds Do It...Bees Do It....Even Cheap Plastic Toys Do It

Playroom Clean Out Day
It occurs pretty much once a quarter Where does it all come from ?

Tiny cars......dang Disney....reproducing EVERY SINGLE car from the movie CARS in die-cast form.....Hmmph....Chloe...hopefully these will be worth you CAN go to college
Stuffed animals.....don't even get me started
Its the ones who look like they have a soul that get me....I just CAN'T toss em'
Bucket after bucket....of objects that will fit in your hand
I'd like to give a special thanks to McDonalds
Seeeeeeeee.....look at Scooby-Doo and those funny googly eyes
Then there are those "things' that she got on vacations and such....
Why can't ya let any of those go???
With all this....why isn't she cookin' dinner ??
hello ?????
Have a happy day
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