Monday, May 11, 2009

My Favorite Place

My studio (hubby laughs when I call it studio)
My Craft Room
My Favorite Place
After years of working out of my kitchen....because a certain little cutie-pa-tutie
called the extra room in the the house her playroom
I finally have a space to call my own
I turned the sun room...which was initially the dining room...cause who really needs a dining room into the most fabulous space....and its mostly mine....I did reserve a corner for the cutie-pa-tutie.
What do ya think....should I paint the light....or just buy something new ?
Cupcake Posie tags....for a dear customer and friend.
Lots and lots of baskets around for stuff.

Grandma's vintage sewing box....she gave it to me only weeks ago.....I treasure it.

Since I have been a teenager.....I love love love a bulletin board...with pieces of inspiration and love scattered all around.
laptop.....always on etsy.....always.
You don't have to say it....I know you love my decals and my workspace.
Well my work table was handmade for me at my Grandfather's building supply store...don't ya just love it?
The can get your very own here from Leen....she is a doll......oh and the parasol is not a decal its a real parasol.

Steal.....those fun popcorn containers were $ the dollar store of course.
My cuteness shelf.....some art by Chloe and my ADORABLE felt house....which you can get here
at The Drying Rack.
Those metal/basket containers are a great place for magnets too......the friend one is from my dear friend Amy...she got it here at the Mudd Hutt

I hope you enjoyed a look around my favorite place.......Have a happy day
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Casey said...

Wow that is great you have such a open and sunny space. Everything looks very inspiring. It is always fun to see how others organize and work.

Jill said...

So inspiring!!!! My studio is currently getting a makeover...I can't WAIT until it's done!!! and the chandelier...paint...turquoise!!! would be FABULOUS!!

Trish said...

super cute! I need to revamp my space now that I see yours... inspiring :) Also, I would totally paint the chandelier and then get some plain lampshades and dress them up with fabric and ribbon :) That would be so fun and cute, and cheap :)

Dolce Vita Mia said...

OMG! Can you please sell the cupcake posies??? I am in awe of their cuteness!!! You are SO Lucky to have a space to call your own!!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

i LOOOOOOVE it! Love love!

I have to laugh at that gigantica, mean green adding machine! I have a calculator just like that, LOL....and I keep it right near "etsy", too...

(okay, this was just a quick break. Back to work!)

TheHarughtys said...

What a great space you have!!!! I think the light woudl be precious spray painted yellow or.... maybe just take a ton of ribbon and wrap it around I run my ribbon through a xyron machine to make it really sticky (make sure the xyron adhesive is permant so it sticks really good). Super cute very jealous!!

Karen~ said...

I love your "studio" April! Looks like you have a lot of room and it is decorated with lots of sweet goodies.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Beautiful and so happy! Thank you for sharing!

Katy said...

Oh, love your STUDIO!!! I think it's such a fabulous place...
I think you should try painting the light fixture...maybe a fun red or green!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

What a fabulous studio!! Love the wall decal - she just gave one away on my blog :)

I'm in the food pantry, and have a tiny table in our bedroom :(
My space used to be the wee ones room.......the same room that she doesn't even sleep in yet!

Have a great day :)

Crystal said...

This makes me so have no idea. My craft room is now a nursery...

Anonymous said...

I say spray-paint it some fun color! bright pink!!!

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

What a FUN room! I LOve it. I would totally paint the chandelier green or red or turquois. It will fit perfect in your bright room.