Monday, May 18, 2009

Birds Do It...Bees Do It....Even Cheap Plastic Toys Do It

Playroom Clean Out Day
It occurs pretty much once a quarter Where does it all come from ?

Tiny cars......dang Disney....reproducing EVERY SINGLE car from the movie CARS in die-cast form.....Hmmph....Chloe...hopefully these will be worth you CAN go to college
Stuffed animals.....don't even get me started
Its the ones who look like they have a soul that get me....I just CAN'T toss em'
Bucket after bucket....of objects that will fit in your hand
I'd like to give a special thanks to McDonalds
Seeeeeeeee.....look at Scooby-Doo and those funny googly eyes
Then there are those "things' that she got on vacations and such....
Why can't ya let any of those go???
With all this....why isn't she cookin' dinner ??
hello ?????
Have a happy day
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polka dot skies said...

The perfect blog to read tonight! I just cleaned out our playroom today and have all of the same questions!
Have a super night!

Heidi said...

Where do all the toys come from you ask? Why Grandma is the culprit at my house. She thinks it's fun to take all three of my boys to a toy store on Saturday and let them pick out a toy. It gets to be so that I can't even walk through their rooms! They aren't into the cheap McDonald's toys. They don't even bother unwrapping them. Thank goodness those can go right into the donate pile! Funny post btw!

Karin Schueller said...

Yes, Darn Disney for making every last car from that movie! lol My son has every single one that we've found! And Grandma is on a mission to get the two that he doesn't have. It is an obsession. And legos. Do you have legos? The are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! lol We desperately need to do this clean out... but I'm cheating and waiting until school is out so that my children can help me with this HUGE task. We usually do this before Christmas, and never got to it. Oye. Their bedrooms are overflowing! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Kelly O. said...

I know what you're saying!
They do seem to multiply!
I've stopped getting the happy meal toy at mcdonald's and have them replace it with cookies instead--just so I wouldn't have a billion toys all around!

Jaime said...

Yes, we cannot get rid of any McD treasures it seems. My four year old thinks they are made of gold. Darn those McDonald's marketing geniuses.

Just me.....Shelly said...

oooh boy. Is this what my future is going to look like??

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh and step on one of those mini lego pieces in the middle of the night while running half asleep to console a sick child. The next words out of my mouth are usually "And as soon as you feel better, I want this room clean!" Barbie is just as bad. Why does a doll need more pairs of high heels than the average woman?