Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Bride....An Artist.....and A Girl

I have been away this weekend
My little cousin, Summer, whom I should probably stop calling little

Summer and I are cousins.
I have seen Summer
Go away to college
In Love
Drop a lot of money on scrapbook goodies
Be Beautiful
Have a Bad Hair Day
and now....and only now....can I say...
I have seem Summer
Jaw-Dropping .... Just So Stinkin' HOT.

I don't believe Summer could have been more perfect or have chosen a more perfect photographer to capture Her Day.
Erin Gilmore of Erin Gilmore Photography
the talent and the eye of this lady...... just refreshing and makes me smile.
Very seldom does a photo stir what I would call intense emotion.....Erin has that way....her photos speak....take you there.....make you feel it.
I am immensely over-joyed and excited that my baby girl aka The Flower Girl was in her viewfinder this weekend.....I can not wait to see the photos. There is just a small taste of the weekend here on Erin's blog......enjoy.

Now...the girl.....Chloe.
I can not even begin it tell you how proud I am to be her Mom. were the BEST flower girl a wedding has ever seen.
You were you are all mine...and I am so glad.

Congratulations Summer and Neal
Thank you Erin
I love you Chloe

have a happy day
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Anonymous said...

Ah, so amazing! Those pictures are beautiful and sweet! Your daughter is beautiful.

Heidi said...

I wish I could've had someone as imaginative as Erin do my wedding! The pictures were so beatiful. I like the one were the groom is lifting her off the ground with lots of trees in the background. Some of those look like they could be used as an ad for Estee Lauder!

Summer said...

I just saw this!! Your words are so sweet and I am so proud to say that you are my cousin/sister. Love ya to death! I am going to have print this out and scrapbook it immediately. I should have the other pictures back in about 2 weeks!