Thursday, July 31, 2008


My baby's teeny tiny golf clubs....
The tee has to be just right
so does the ball
those legs....
do it again
borrow some determination from your kids.
have a happy day
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's Begin With Together Tuesday and End With Dang It Shelly

Change of scenery this morning as we had breakfast at Bojangles instead of Panera Bread.
We had a jelly biscuit....Chloe was not so happy with that....she truly wanted a bagel.
Back to Panera Bread next Tuesday.

We then got Chloe a little hair stylist cuts it for FREE....gotta love that.

Later in the day we met my mom at an Antique Mall uptown.
Once again....can we sell this house already.......I wanna shop for my home for crying out loud....I simply refuse to buy "house stuff" for a house that is on the market. Doll much do you love this?
I love old toys....looky at this fun duck family.
Sweet hangers.....
Lovin' this play toaster so much...those are truly JaneSays colors.
Got $95.00....then you could own these.....Beautiful.
I am still kicking myself for not bringing this home......I may have to go back. Spice houses....only $45.00....I am crazy huh?

She is a lamp......very cool.
This shop has a very creepy and creaky upstairs.....I have a fear that the whole floor will give way when I am up here. remember I told you we were growing butterflies.....well our first batch is here....
see the 2 empty chrysalids....3 more to go.
I know it is kinda gross looking....but I thought you might wanna show your kiddos.
The red stuff is not blood....its leftover pigment called meconium...that did not go into making the wings.
here is one of our babies....sitting on a tissue soaked with sugar water....that is what they will eat while here with us for only a few days.
We will be letting them go very soon.
Outdoors they will only live a few weeks....isn't that so sad.
this is our next batch of caterpillars.....they are growing very fast.....
in the next few days they will crawl to the top of this container and attach and thus begins the pupal stage.
when that is complete we move them to the butterfly pavilion where in 7-10 days we will have more butterflies.
It's very interesting and Chloe has enjoyed this so much.
If you would like more information.....let me know.

A sweet little bag I made for myself....I very seldom do that.
I think I will use if for when I take my lunch to work.

Crystal....Chloe wanted me to share these with Moses,.....Chloe's Wall-e crocs.....I told ya'll she was crazy about that little guy.
Wii Fit.....I finally got my hands on one....thanks Mom !!

an early birthday present to me from Target was out of them Mom's had the time she got there....they only had 2....and one of them is mine.... (evil laugh)

and now for the DANG IT SHELLY....I will be needing that Wii Fit for sure
You and your yummy oh so sinful...delish Puppy Chow.....

This girl is always talkin' about some puppy me and Chloe made a batch today....boy is this stuff good.

this was the scene all day.....hands everywhere.

Dang It Shelly

have a happy day

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Monday, July 28, 2008

and now the Winner...

Due to the over-whelming number of comments...Chloe drew a number. The corresponding comment wins the goods.

congratulations kamewh

comment number 24

"Your blog design is so fresh, fun and unique! Thank you for the giveaway!"

and thank you kamewh for reading and your kind compliments....please get your mailing address to me at aprilshowerz12(at) thru JaneSays.

have a happy day

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We Have A Winner....

and I will post the name later more comments will be in the drawing...its has officially ended.

Thanks for the amazing turn-out.

have a happy day
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tails and Bugs and Corn....Oh My...

Tag Tails Zoo Chase.....These were a Together Tuesday goodie....
I forgot to share them earlier...
Cute animal tails....for chase or tag....or whatever.
Even punishment....what?? ...don't wanna clean you room?
well have to wear a tail out to dinner.
only for Chloe that would not be punishment....she would be delighted to wear a tail do dinner.
This is the monkey tail.....must be an exotic monkey from deep in the rain forest....never seen a green monkey in my life.
Frog pajamas....birthday gift.

ah ha...the girl got your tail....
A zebra...a lion...and a tiger...and of course the above mentioned green monkey.
Darn things wont fit me ....I have to hold both ends and run like a goof-ball.
Needless to say....Chloe always gets my tail...since I have no hands with which to grab hers as a result of holding my own tail.

Painting and bugs go hand in hand around here.

2 of Chloe's favorite things.

These were a birthday gift.

This bug must also be from deep in the rain forest.

more victims.
We collected a bunch of rocks on a recent stroll...painting rocks is fun too.

chloe wanted to use "my" paint......I said yes
yesterday's butterflies.

this will be an adventure....we are growing our own butterflies....I will keep you posted.

yea that's Uncle Ben's rice on the bottom ....that was a freebie. Yum !!!

Mom sent fresh corn home with us yesterday...

Chloe and I shucked...
We asked the corn's residents to kindly move out.....
all done with the corn.....
and Chloe has sucked the previous residents up in the bug vacuum.
shuck-eater....crazy dog. She was goin to town on some shucks.
Yep that's her tennis ball.....she don't leave home without it.

don't forget the GIVEAWAY.....scroll down.

have a happy day
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Celebrate....How 'bout a GIVEAWAY !!!

Thanks to each and every one of you who has noticed and commented on my new blog....even the jealous ones.

I too...... like you LOVE it !! is the mind behind it all.....Marina at Penny Lane.
Just the MOST fabulous person to work with.....and fast as lightening I say !!

Go see her and let her doll up your will not be left unhappy.
She has all the creativity in the world and is so reasonably priced. celebration of the new look....let's have a GIVEAWAY !!!
Something equally as fresh, fun and colorful as my new blog.....
The Hungry Caterpillar....complete with mini stuffed caterpillar.

If you don't have kids or kids in your family.....find someone special to give this to.
This book is a classic that every child should know.
So you know the routine....leave me a lovely comment.
Chlo-Bug will pick the winner on Monday !!

have a happy day
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The DMV was time.
License Renewal.
Oh Joy !!

I have not renewed in 8 years.

We go so long between renewals in NC....I nearly forget about it....until the cold and unfriendly postcard arrives.

I put it off as long as I I needed to be getting that task accomplished.

Lucky for me...

I have a cousin who is a DMV officer. I called Cindy up...she was expecting me when I arrived.

I walked in and was asked to have a seat in the waiting area.

I could not help but notice all of the beady eyed teenagers...waiting, with a parent...fidgeting in their seats....FREEDOM is close....they can taste could see the nervous excitement in their eyes.

It reminded me of being 16......getting my if I stepped in a time machine...I shot straight back into my little 2-seater has such a good smell.....but it was a straight drive (maunal).....I hated that thing. How was I supposed to talk on my bag phone and find Bon Jovi on the radio if I had to change gears?? HUH??

What a rush it was to get in that car and drive somewhere ..... alone. I remember loving going through fast-food drive-thrus....and having all the responsibility of ordering and paying to myself. I was an adult !!!

back to reality....eye test and sign test complete...I passed again. Thanks for the new license...finally an updated one with my new (4 years old) short haircut. I get so tired of showing my license and people have cut your hair. Nah... I wore a wig for my license.

So I renew again in another 8 years....I will be 43.

WHAT ?!? 43....really?

What will I be doing when I am 43? What will Chloe be like? Will my parents still be alive? Will the world even be here?

on the drive home.....I found in me a little appreciation for my trip to the DMV today.....It allowed me some time to think back and smile at my youth.....and made me aware of the time we are each given....and the fact that is passes so quickly. We all know this fact....but at times it just makes itself more if to say.... Hey You....patch up holes....give all the love you have....and live it and live it well.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

White and Green Yumminess Over My Couch

I have been asked many times by readers what this white and green vision of beauty is over my sun room couch.
The most recent inquirer is Julie...
I don't know if I have ever answered this on my blog....
Its a parasol....a BIG one.
I sawed off the stick (handle) and rigged up some string on the back and hung this lovely on my wall.
I have a lot of trouble finding goodies for my walls...I have to get creative.

I like off the wall things on my to speak.

There....mystery solved.

have a happy day
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Party Is Over and Its Already Tuesday

So the party is over.....we all survived it.....some of us barely.
Chloe is officially 1...2....3....4 today, that is how she does it...counts each year on her fingers.
This photo from the day after says it all.....I feel a tad bit deflated......still.
Parties kick my butt.
I get way too uptight about way too much.
We had 33 people....all of which were well behaved with the exception of a couple (wink wink...Amy and know who I am talking about)
I need a pick me up after all that hard work......Hmmmmm??
Yea !!!!!!
Let's get a Wii.
Oh my gosh.....I know, I know... we are the last people to get one.
Garren has the playstation 3.....Chloe has all her do-dads.....I have my paper and fabric until now.
Now I have my Wii.
I love this thing.
If you have the Wii fit....let me know what you think before I run out and buy it too.

Together Tuesday shopping...

let's just say after the big bash I am completely spent out.

we only purchased the bare minimums today.and since today was Officially her birthday .... Chloe picked up a few more goodies.
Last but not least.....a great shop on etsy has hopefully only temporarily focus more on life in general....having an etsy shop takes a lot of time...those of us who have one can tell you that.

Well...this Awesome lady sent me all her already made stash for FREE.......I thank you so much !!!

How lucky am I?

I have said it before I'll say it again.....I have simply met the BEST people thru JaneSays and my blog....You know who you are and I CHERISH you all.

have a happy day

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Go Back A Bit....

I love to reminisce.
I loved the very late 70's and 80's.
Simply loved that time.
I can vividly remember some of my favorite toys.
Some were very popular.
Others were rare......
Thinking about those times and seeing pictures of these toys makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. Raggedy Ann Colorforms.
These rocked.

Oh what you could draw with the spirograph. you remember these ?

Fashion plates......I could make me some fashions....OH Yea !!

Darci....if you remember this doll you remember she towered high above Barbie.

I always thought she was the big Barbie.

Tree House...pop it on the pops up to show all the good-living inside.

how cool to live in a tree.

what were your favorite "rare" toys?


More Let's Go Back Posts Coming Soon.

have a happy day

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