Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Won't Ever Get a Goodie Bag.....says Chloe

Chloe's birthday and party are upon me.
I get extremely overwhelmed around this time of year.
So much to do.
So many lists.
Things to do.
Things to get.
Things to decorate.

We began Together Tuesday with checking off some of those things to get. Chips...Dips..Chains...Whips...nah...just a quote from a classic 80's movie Weird Science...loved that one.

From the looks of that baking pan...something good is gonna happen around here later today.

I could not say no

Chole "needed" this Wall-e pillowcase.

I have not had a chance to wash it yet...and she is still all cuddled up with it...poor thing will probably have a razor burn type rash tomorrow....that thing feels like tree bark.

Some treat bag goodies for the big bash....just the beginnings of those.
All the while I am collection these goodies...Chloe is whining loudly....VERY LOUDLY up and down every aisle as I explain to here that these are for her guests...."I won't ever get a goodie bag".
hahahaha...poor Chloe...she will get a boat load of gifts but no goodie bag.

picked up this dress for me...stockpiling for Disney in the Fall.
Donkeys must be flying....and Hell freezing over....I am baking. Caramel Layer Squares....I saw this yumminess on Mel A Dramatic Mommy and had to take a stab at it....I say "stab" because I generally butcher some baking.
Here goes nothing.....
I will let you go HERE for the recipe...its very plain and simple...of course if you have a question...let me know.

After opening the caramels...and eating 1/10 of them....we melted them along with some evaporated milk.

I am that baker that keeps lookin' in.....and sometimes I even open the oven door...I know that is a NO NO.

Voila !!!
Not bad...not bad at all.
Warning: They are super rich.....if you like rich...Go For It !!!
I am imagining this with a dollop of ice cream later on tonight.
Phew....I did it.

What's goin on in the SHOP ?? Not in there yet...but on its way....smashing posie tote.
posie desk set...great for a college send off.
posie bath mat....I just love these.
More stacking blocks....sweet tall bird....cute for a nursery I think.

Stay tuned later this week....something very special coming....... the first of many Little Bit Funky and JaneSays collaborations.

peaked your interest huh??

have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said...


A) Lucky you, to be able to wear horizontal stripes.

B) Those caramel square thingy's looks sooooo yummy, I could stick my face right in that pan.

C) I hope Chloe's face isn't rubbed off by tomorrow morning..OUCH. I know exactly what you mean about the 10 thread count pillow case...LOL!

Amy Bell said...

can't wait to see what you and miss crystal cooked up....:)

love the food. yummo.
wish i could come over and watch a girlie movie and eat the new recipe!


Lindsay said...

I got my goodie box today!!!! thank you SO SO SO much! I almost cried when I saw the cards, I went to camp in the BRM when I was a kid, and it was my favorite place... And we are bbq sauce freaks. Using it with dinner tomorrow :)

Disney, huh? Thats in my neck of the woods! let me know if you need anything!


Bethany said...

Cute stuff! Love that posie desk set!!

Your treats look yummy!!

And we are in the midst of getting ready for a birthday bash around here too! I have been cleaning like a crazy person and am flat worn out!!

Good luck getting your goodie bags ready to go!!

carly smith said...

hey lady. thanks for the comments. i've been super busy at work so i haven't been able to comment back.... i'm waiting until payday (friday) to get the towels.. but have no fear....i l-o-v-e them!!! thanks!

Heidi Zawisza said...

OH, I LOVE the bath mat....so....HAPPY!!