Thursday, July 10, 2008

If I was Staying

Happy Thursday ..... I can see the weekend from here. Woooo Hoooo !!!!

So...if my home were not for sale....and I was planning on staying here for while.
Here are some of the sweet goodies I would be buying.
It is so hard for me to "not" constantly decorate my home...I love buying house-y things....but I refuse to buy anything else to go in this house....hopefully we are outta here soon.
OK so here we go.....and YES of course they are all on etsy.
I am lovin' wall decals lately....these from Single Stone Studios are some of my favorite.
Is there anything cuter .... really...than a house...I Love all the fun houses floating around on etsy today.....these really make me smile. Visit Polka Dot Studio to see many fun houses.
Once again Olive makes my list.....just the cutest darn pillows around.
There will be one of these in Chloe's room when we move to our new whimsical and fun. Go to Emile Friday to see more beautiful creations. our house.....come on.

By the way we had another no-show showing yesterday....nothing upsets me more....but that is another tirade for another day.

have a happy day
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Single Stone Studios said...

Hey April -

This is Shelley from Single Stone Studios! Thanks so much for linking to my Etsy store! Check out our blog for a link back here!

Would love to have you pop in and say hello! Love your blog - it looks so cool! Great colors.

Have a great day!


You can call me Lucky. said...

Such pretty etsy favorites!!! I love that little birdie...any little girl would love that in her room! It almost seems magical!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Trish said...


Polka Dot Moon said...

Great choices! Love the whimsical bird and oh so cute pillow!

Happy Thursday!


on the dot creations said...

Wow! You introduced me to several great Etsy shops that I hadn't found yet -- hurrah! :)

By the way, are you moving away from NC?

Take care,

Dayna said...

Very cute stuff!

meg duerksen said...

oh i love that bird thing.
it is precious!