Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweets and Men

La Patisserie...a little bakery in town.
I stopped in to order the peanut's birthday cake.
I had to share these with all of you.

OK...snap out of it....they make me all googly eyed too.
On to ...MEN
Today sitting in my my grandfather's building supply store...I heard an awful noise.
I took a look out of my 2nd story window to see this.

these 2 men....customers of ours...I don't know them...just a couple of do-it-your-selfers...that is what we call non-contractors.

I deducted from the raised hood that the racket was from the truck.

The man in the light blue shirt grabbed a hammer from behind the seat...never seen anyone use a hammer to work on a car before...but ok buddy.

The man in the navy shirt took it from him and crawled under the car.

Man in the lt. blue shirt then got himself some pliers and applied the plier technique to something under the hood. ( I am real technical ...huh?)

Man in navy then banged the hammer on a thing-a-ma-jig underneath the car. Voila !!!!

Note to self....put a hammer and pliers in the trunk.

have a happy day

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Just me.....Shelly said...

he heheheheheh....cant live with them, cant live without them!

Amanda said...

Just came across your blog through Crystal at Little Bit Funky.

As far as the truck with the hammer. I'd bet to say it was the starter that wasn't working right!?! My dad had a truck like that once, that you'd have to knock around every once in a while! I don't know what he ever endded up doing with it, he had it when we were kids!

Awesome blog!!!

Megan Rublaitus said...

That's funny! It's crazy how things

And the pasteries.....YUM!!!

Amy Bell said...

can i just say that cake is making me hungry for treats...i have a sweet tooth today!