Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snippets of Tuesday

What a nice day.....not too HOT...which in relation to what it has been made it kinda cool.

Little shop work......... 2 new birdy step out bath mats in the shop.....remember.....what Grandma says....these are just for looks. the green
the milk chocolate.

Tuesdays = Shopping.

Something is bad wrong if Chloe and I don't shop on a Tuesday.....we have so much fun.

Bunches of goodies came home with us today.....

All...and I mean in each and every cup Chloe has the valves have gone South....so we bought some new ones with the little flip-up straw.

A neck pillow from the $2.50 section at Target....hopefully good for Chloe's car naps she has such a hard time napping in her booster seat compared to her previous cozy car seat.

Pink mesh basket I always have something to stick in a basket...................White towels, soon to be pretty white towels.............Green framed mirror and embellishments.

looky at this fun tote....also in the $2.50 section....can't ever have enough bags....right Shelly?
Couple of shirts for me....the pink tank top, in the $2.50 section....personally I don't think a tank top should be more than that anyway..... Both of these are to be saved for Disney.

Chloe spotted these at Michael's....we are going to make them for her up-coming Bee Movie birthday party....good lookin' out Chloe...this should be fun !! We love making stuff.
have you tried any of the seventh generation stuff?....do you like it??

I love the liquid handsoap that magically turns to foam just by passing thru the pump...how do they do that?

Now the exciting stuff.....garbage bags, toothpaste....and a stingray that is now sitting in a big red bowl of water on my counter....you know the routine...it will grow 3 times its size....we will all stare at it...saying once again...how do they do that?

nope...we didn't buy this fella today....Moms...you know when your kid brings you a ragged broken toy and expects you to fix it?

Chloe today...brings me this water bug...from The Bee Movie..its a happy meal toy...and its missing a wing...which is probably in the bottom of the Barbie VW or in between the pages of a book somewhere.

I have to fix it...and fix it now...she wanted me to fix it with some wood...don't really know what that meant....I tried an envelope...and some packing tape....done.

Mom saves the day. The packing tape looks good huh?

Look at these cuties....puppy headphones...got these at Kohl's ...Chloe is listening the the music on Crystal's blog. Summertime summertime...sum sum summertime........
and after that she wanted to watch Big Wheel races on youtube...oh Yes there is such a thing and you can find it on youtube.

don't forget the giveaway a couple of posts down....and certainly don't forget to check out Scrap N Art one post down.

have a happy day

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The Queen's Castle said...

I can never get out of Target for under a hundred bucks! I'm addicted! Unfortunately we were out of town when all their super-duper summer stuff went on clearance :(

Love all your items & your doctor-ing (or being a vet?) abilities!

By the way, your birds on all your stuff are always so perfect! How do you do it?

Summer Blessings,

shelly said...

he heh...nope, can never ever have too many, 'specially when they're in the $2.50 range! I was at Tarjay yesterady as well...and bought myself some cozy cotton tanks and dresses too....ya know, the kind that make my baby belly look somewhat okay (even though theres no baby in there).
As fo rthe 7th Gen stuff, yep I use it all, love most of it excelt the laundry detergent--no thanks on that, but otherwise...like it! I love the spray cleaner.

Anyway, have a happy day!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I go to Target for one item and come out with an overflowing shopping cart full of things I know I can't live without :)
Love the 7th Generation stuff, and if you haven't tried it yet, Method makes some great eco friendly and yummy smelling goodies.
Your bathmats are adorable, so are all of your shop goodies!

C said...

your girl has good taste in music. :)

carly smith said...

i love 7th generation stuff. i was skeptical at first, but it smells good, the dish soap bubbles right up, and i do like the laundry detergent too. i like that the detergent and fabric softener have matching fragrances...... i like when my smells match. :D
love the birdies too! :) how would you feel about making some with a cherry print fabric? :)