Monday, July 7, 2008

What I Have Been Up To

Saturday...what to do with a whole day...
Yea...lets go to an outdoor attraction....actually is was just sprinkling a was fairly nice.
We visited the Raptor Center at Latta Plantation.
A wonderful place where injured birds live...and recover.
My loves...heading down a trail...the place is really lush and beautiful.
A couple of the birds...Shelly...I thought about you when I saw this sweet owl.
Wings and talons from birds that are no longer living....look at Miss Chloe touching those talons...
The little owl on the right...kept popping her was very charming....the one beside her seems to be saying...could you chill with all the mouth popping now....Geeeez !!
This hawk was returning to his stand after being in a show....I don't know if you can tell or not from the photo...but he was so timid...he leaned back as they got him all attached to the stand and each time the hook would clang on the stand he would was pitiful really...but I know he is lucky to be there.
Sometimes when mommy crafts.....Chloe does too.
Today we had Mommy and Chloe Monday....
My mom aka babysitter was called up for jury duty
luckily she was dismissed.
So anyway Chloe and I did our best today to spend all of daddy's money.
Some towels and and mats....these need some pretty-ing up...dont' ya think?
The strawberry tote bag Chloe got for her Nana...because she (Nana) loves strawberries.
Look at all of the scrapbook stuff from the Target dollar section.....JACKPOT !!!!!!!
It was bound to happen....really....cupcake towels now appearing in the shop.
yummy !!!!

and my newest brainchild......Stacking Blocks.

Look soon for more trees....birds...houses...and posies of course.

have a happy day

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Polka Dot Moon said...

Thank heavens there are sanctuaries for injured animals - what a wonderful place to visit!

You really scored at Target! Our dollar bin has nothing like that....which my hubby is fine with, cause I spend enough everytime I walk thru their doors!!

I LOVE anything cupcake and your new towel is too cute! Cupcake talk makes me hungry and "Sprinkles" a yummy little cupcake shop just opened in town.....if it wasn't 107 out right now; and baby girl wasn't napping; I'd be hopping on over there, well there's always tomorrow!


Shelly Belly said...

Oooh, those little owls are so so darling, I want to gobble their little faces up and kiss their sharp little feet! sooo so cute! What a sweet place for ouched up birdies to live..aww.
and I can't wait to see those goodies all prettied up! Love all your new fun finds!

Dayna said...

Love the owls and LOVE all of the pretties!

Anonymous said...

i got the same stuff at my target dollar section!

Holly said...

Love the dialog between G and Chloe. Great answer, Daddy! Super cute blocks. I'll be on the lookout for future ones. =-) Fabulous idea, Miss April. xoxo