Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well Said.....

Wow...look at me go.... 2 posts...short ones but posts none the less....and all before 9:00
I am truly on a's going to be a very productive day.
I want to share with you this post
From the What I'd Like For You To Know series over at Rocks In My Dryer
The Author, The Queen B, just puts the feelings of a mom of only one child into such great words.
I feel just the way she does about all the aspects of have only one child.
Garren and I have chosen to only have one child.....the reasons are good for our family....we know what our family needs.
In some ways I feel like "we" (parents of one child) have it good....and on the on the other hand there is a great deal of guilt and worry that comes with it too.
Whether you have one child or 15 this little goodie and it may just help you see the world of parents with only one child in a different light.
have a happy day
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Do You Ever Feel Like A Pack Mule ?

Chloe's Crocs
Chloe' shorts
Chloe's Shirt
a hairclip
a sheep
a duck
a zebra
baby Winnie
a gift card
a receipt
an empty cup
a bag with a shirt to return today
First 3 stairs.....Chloe
that is what I carried down the stairs this morning .........
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Is A Big Debate

As I was sitting in my stylist's chair yesterday.....she said....
"your hair is a little dry.....what products are you using right now?"
Oh we go....Frankly....I have never liked spending millions on hair I will quickly drop 3 digits for a cut and color
but it kills me to spend more than $10.00 per hair product.
Well I answered her....."ummm...Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner"(she grimaced)....and hoping to escape what I knew was coming next....I quickly said "oh but I use your hairspray....Aveda Witch Hazel??"
Nope....that little tid bit did not save me.......the spill was as follows....
" that drug store shampoo coats your hair with makes it lifeless and heavy....and the conditioner is worthless....that is why your hair is so dry.
You need to be using our shampoo and conditioner"
Is it just me....or do you feel so pressured to buy the stuff.......
While I love going to the Aveda Salons to have my hair cut and such......the products are so pricey....the ones I do use....I LOVE....but shampoo and conditioner I just have a hard time believing they really can make a difference.

What do you use?
Do you think there is a noticeable difference between salon and drug-store products?
She has me leaning heavily towards the salon side of this argument....I wanna know what you ladies think.
have a happy day
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Catch Up....

I know...I know...I am a slack blogger.....
My apologies.
Sometimes what's going on in the "real" just too good to take time out.
Chloe is just growing up so fast.....and I feel more and more each day like I had better soak it up.
ok...enough of my whining and excuse making(wink).....let's catch up.
We had did a lot of reading.
I have a lot of trouble keeping Chloe in new books
I read to her and she reads to herself so much that the books get old to her rather quick.
Two of my favorite places to get fresh new books are the Goodwill and Tuesday Morning.
If you have not been to Tuesday Morning for must go.
Nearly every large hardback book is under $5.00.
and the stories are precious....and they all come with wonderful dust jackets which I love and Chloe immediately wants off.....we have a stack a mile high in her closet.
At Goodwill all kids books are 50 cant beat that with a stick.

We drug out the water can't tell it from this shot....but Chloe has completely outgrown this bathing suit....and simply refuses to wear her bikini...wonder if she will refuse to wear a bikini when she is 16 ??We rode scooters and big wheels.
I know...can you believe I just now became the owner of a die cutting thing-a-ma-jiggy??

I love this baby......look for all kinds of new goodies !!

Big Shot = easy and fun !!

My vintage cotton ribbon arrived today.....ooh ooh ooh I love this stuff !!

Some fun new goodies in the shop......

A fabulous organizer......for all kinds of things.

BOO Blossoms....crepe paper yumminess !!

Told you I was putting that Big Shot to work......too much fun and so easy !!

Halloween Kits are on their way !!

BOO !!!!

and I repeat....I love my new Big Shot.

Nursery Rhyme Posies.

have a happy day

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nana's Bugs

Last week Chloe and my Mom made some bugs......I just thought they were too cute not to share. A bee...a rollie pollie ..... and a ladybug.
mom created the rollie pollie and ladybug by balling up newspaper and wrapping construction paper around that.
You will recognize the bee is an Easter egg.
Chloe contributed with her black marker.

A torn construction paper butterfly....a perfect addition to the bug family.
Just one more photo of Ms. Ladybug....she is my favorite.

Chloe wanted to have these to add to her bug collection....I just could not let her have them... I was afraid she would destroy them and I wanted to put them up and save that horrible of me?

some day she will be glad I did.....

Thank you mom.........for making bugs.

have a happy day

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do You Ever...

go in your child's bedroom at night
when they are fast asleep
and watch
and listen
and brush you fingers on their cheek
and smell their hair
I do
I just did

A love that amazes me
When she is sleeping she looks to me just like she did the day I brought her home

I am so thankful and so in love....
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

and there was glitter everywhere......

Halloween Buttons....these handmade buttons will be painted and sealed...and then they will become part of fun Halloween crafting kits for sure to get yours !!!
No....I do not cook food on the icky pan. Fun Halloween colors.
So...hubby comes in from running last night
"look what I found while running..."
I am thinking....20 dollar of Chloe's long lost happy meal toys....Michael Phelps.....
NOPE....a baby snake
not near as scary as a non-baby snake....more like a was so sweet.
I kinda wanted to wake Chloe to see it....I thought better of that.
I kinda wanted to keep it...thought better of that too.

Together Tuesday
officially our last one until the first Tuesday of no school.
I am glad we will still have afternoons though...this has became such a fun and special time.

goodies of the day.....fortune cookies for kids....found these yummies at Target.

the fortunes are appropriate for kiddos....the first one she ate bring sunshine to many lives...well yea that is true....but could it not have said something about the good things that happen when you keep the playroom clean.

I love love love these cheap colorful washcloths from favorite....teal.
dollar section goodies....
While I unpacked the shopping bags....Chlo-bug worked a puzzle.
Isn't finishing a puzzle a GREAT feeling....

nice job !!!!
The after lunch craft.....we made our countdown to DISNEY poster/chart.

we glittered......
shake shake...
and there was glitter everywhere !!
and more shake shake...
Voila !!
When we have a Mickey Head cut from cardstock(which by the way I got from a request I put in on etsy alchemy...that is a really neat thing) in each block......its off to Florida we go !!!!!
This is our GOAL....1 day til' Disney.
We can't wait !!
have a happy day
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Monday, August 18, 2008

I Am Never Prepared.....

For the past 3 years my cousin Summer and I have attended the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention.
Go check out the site.....if it's coming to your area.....I highly suggest you go....if paper is your thing.
We always have the best time spending oodles of money and giving each other a hard time for doing so.
Look .... just look.
By the time it rolls around each year I forget just how good it is....I am never prepared when I first see this room.
Summer peeked in an upstairs room where a lady was eating her lunch to ask if we could get a bird's eye view....she informed us that the room we were in was where they watched for scrap lifters of the criminal kind.
This photo is only a part of the vendor floor.
It's truly amazing....if you are a paper geek.
Summer trying to make a decision....well you know what I it all.

Rusty Pickle's of my faves.
A little Halloween bouquet at the Cricut booth.
While this is a photo of Summer...its really not...its actually Summer and I proving that MEN do go to scrapbook conventions.....more men there this year than any year previously.....are men getting into paper crafts other than carefully folding back the sports page for optimal reading of that article way up in the corner.

oodles and oodles of chipboard books at Rusty Pickle....I know some of you who would have loved to get your hands on these deals.

Yummy...Skinny Cow was there giving away treats.....but first read the napkin.
I bought myself a box of these don't be surprised if you see some Skinny Cow drip embellishments at JaneSays (wink)

Skinny Dippers...they are really good...I prefer the carmel .
I thought about showing you all my new goods....but I don't want to give too much away.
Keep and eye on JaneSays !!!
Oh yea...and Summer completely gave me her permission to put her face on my know how I am about that.
have a happy day

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Butter Boy and Some other Goodies

I knew this gift was on its way.
The giver told me it was coming.
Sometimes late birthday gifts are the best ones........ not because of what they are really but because they are like that last firework after the finale.
As if to all the fun over?
....well HERE is something else.
the last firework is from Crystal at Little Bit Funky.
Butter boy meet my blog readers...
Blog readers meet my butter boy.
I love this critter....he holds your butter for you so you can butter your yummies.
how cute is he?
At the orders of Ms. Chloe we have to have corn fast so we can break butter boy in.
and don't think I won't.....I love me some corn and I love me some butter.
Don't ya love the corn holders happy and colorful.
I asked Crystal if she was trying to socialize this country girl and make me quite holding my corn with my fingers.
Doug....Crystal's better half....if you are reading this......I love this butter dare you suggest he would not be a wonderful gift (wink).

I don't know if all of you recall ...

I did a post a while back and said that something I would like to take a stab at was tie dying.

So....she hooked me up with a tie-dye kit.

Really looking forward to trying that.

Thanks so much Crystal for a sweet and thoughtful gift.

have a happy day.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Together Tuesday

So our Tuesdays together are winding down.
Chloe starts her last year of preschool very soon.
Yep...I'm saying the same thing all of you are....where did time go?
We will still have afternoons though...she only goes to school half a day....yipeeee !!!!
Not to worry....the together tuesday madness will not end. know we did some shopping today...
first we hit the craft store.I am not a fall person...nor a winter person
It is VERY HARD for me to create with the color palettes of those seasons.
As you know if you have visited JaneSays....I love bright happy springy color.
Let the creative block begin....Hopefully these goodies will give me a much needed jump start.

Oh I love thee......

that pack of 5 notebooks......50 cent....holy cow...Great for Chloe to tote around.

This is the new paper I just put in the shop......just try not the FALL in love with it.....for Fall colors its not too bad.

go get you some......

ladies....I need some do you clean an iron.

My iron is filthy from accidentally ironing the wrong side of heat n bond and stuff like that too many times.....any suggestions ??


have a happy day

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gifts I Got and The Gift I Would Want To Get

Got another package in the mail......birthday goodies from the super sweet Amy of Stinky Toes Designs.A very fun card
the polaroid camera I won on a giveaway of hers
and the sweetest little tote with the sweetest little houses on it.
and this is what I am carrying around in the tote, my Disney Vacation Book....its officially my Disney vacation planning tote...thanks so much Amy...I LOVE it all.

And Now....the winner of the birdy handtowel giveaway.....the giver of the gift I would most like to receive is

Polka Dot Moon who commented this....
Happy Birthday to you!!!Well, my favorite thing to give my friends is from "Origins" and it's called "Birthday Suit" - a wonderful, silky spray you use right out of the shower and it smells awesome :) and I would also give you some "Peace of Mind" gumballs from there as well.I love giving aromatherapy goodies!

I love origins products....I don't think they have one I have not tried....well except for the make-up because I don't wear make-up...but all the other good sutff.....YEA...I love it.

Sooooo....get me your mailing address and the color combo you would love for your can contact me thru JaneSays conversations......Congratulations !!

have a happy day

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Because....

Just Because He loves me
Just Because it was my birthday
thanks so much honey....I am lookin' forward to using my first REAL camera.

Just Because I love crafting into the wee hours and all that lookin' down is heck on a neck.

My lovely neck wrap that I can't wait to can get one here at HomeGrown Pillows.

My whole kitchen smells of lavender and peppermint. Mmmmmm.

Just Because.......

have a happy day

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thirty WHAT ?!?

Happy Birthday To.....Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's my birthday.....however.....ONE of you will be receiving the gift.

A customized Sweet Birdy handtowel.

If you win you choose the color combination.....and a sweet birdy towel will be on her way to you.
How do you win?
Leave me a comment telling me if we were the BEST of friends ....what gift under $20.00 (because I would love a new mercedes...but let's be fair.....) you would give to me.

On Sunday I will choose the gift I would most like to receive and yes I will be completely honest....and the imaginary buyer of that gift.....wins the towel.
What happens if 2 of you buy me the same gift that I want the most.....I will resort to the old name draw.
So let's go !!!!! Some real gifts I have received from friends......
My Best friend Amy found this jewel in my etsy favorites and sent it my way.....if you have not checked out Fallon's pillows at Olive.....go NOW !!
I love this beauty.

and....from on of my 2 virtual best friends....Shelly at Lemon Tree......once again she sends the kinds of cuties you don't wanna unwrap.

a box....slam full of crafting goodies !!!!!
I have all intentions of using most of this for my personal scrapbooking.....thanks so much Shelly Belly.......You are a Treasure !!!!
Oh yea...and there is a GREAT sale in the shop Today too....
don't forget to comment....
have a happy day
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