Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Poison

So my hubs and Chloe and I
we have a way of eating at the same establishments
all the time....over and over.
It's's's cozy.
We have FAVORITE meals
We get to KNOW the servers and managers
There is something so small town comfy about walking in
a restaurant and everyone smiles...and says hi...and calls you by name.
Now.....there is a phenomenon that occurs with this that is causing me
a little stress recently...just a wee bit...but stress none the less.
I have been trying to drink less SUGARY drinks.....more water.
Well....not til' I embarked on that journey did I notice the problem
with the servers KNOWING me.....when I sit down at my very favorite
restaurant...a sweet tea almost beats me there. When I sit down at my
favorite Mexican restaurant a Pepsi beats me there.
When we are all done with our go cups....filled to the brim with poison
arrive with freshly wrapped straws for our journey.
I LOVE that they know me....and that they want us to be happy
and I love the little smile on their face when they have our drinks on the table before our booties hit the seat....they think they are so clever.
I just can't make myself say....ohhhhh....yeaaaa....I wanted water tonight.....I can't crush their accomplishment of knowing their customer.....I just can't. today top it off.....our happy happy fun super special Mexican server at our ONLY spot for Mexican....brought us complimentary dessert.....are you KIDDING me ???
You server people are awesome....and I do I do appreciate your hard work....and your ESP abilities
And because I can't stand to tell you otherwise....I'll have a tea and a Pepsi and dessert if you like.....and I'll drink my water at home.

have a happy day
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh life can be tough
days can be hard
laced with ups and downs
beating myself up for not spending enough time with Chloe today
tearing myself down for blowing too much money at Target everyday
wondering why I can't get the second half of my hallway painted...dangit...just do lazy pig

normally I would then say.....repeatedly letting myself down for drinking way to much Pepsi and eating garbage....but not anymore.....I am eating a marathon runner's diet in comparison.....and you probably are too.....thanks to this LOVELY site....I'm not beating myself up for my diet anymore.
Warning....that link is not for the let me know if you see anything you like.

have a happy day
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long track speed skating ya never thought you would see a
post titled that
did ya ??
I'm watching the Olympics last night
when Sven Kramer
a DUTCH DOLL appeared
I'm lookin' down at my laptop
I hear
" mom....he's cute huh?"
ha...what does she know
I looked up at the screen
well heeeeellllooooooooooooooooo
turns out she knows A LOT
holy cannoli and guacamole

Enjoying the Olympics
GO USA......and thank you Sven for
introducing me to long track speed skating
I never would have watched otherwise.
have a happy day
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Friday, February 12, 2010

if you

search valentine on flickr
you will smile

1. Happy Valentine's Day, 2. Chocolate Valentine's Cookies, 3. Valentines Day Silkscreen card set, 4. Happy Valentine's Day. Eat my love..., 5. An early Valentine's Day photo, 6. Valentine's Day Snowpixies, 7. Happy Valentine's Day!!!, 8. The Golden Valentine Brothers, 9. Valentines Day!
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this week

I have not been around like all week.....bad blogger....I know.
Congrats to the Saints.....and their fans
ate lots and lots of buffalo chicken dip
it was good.
Got a new laptop....loving it...completely.
Thanks to everyone you made JaneSays' Valentine
season a HOT one.....Love you all.....mean it.
Heading out the door to Chloe's valentine party
what is cuter than kindergartners exchanging those cheap
little paper valentines....nothing I say....nothing.
I'll bring you some photos.
Excited about the Olympics too.....what is your favorite
event....I love me some bobsled...remember Cool Runnings
fun movie.
tata for now
have a happy day
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is the DAY

for THIS

Buffalo Chicken Dip......that's the post....if you missed it.

GREAT for today ( THE football game is on ladies) ......who am I kidding...Great for any day....we even eat this as a meal...we love love LOVE.

forget about your belly and thighs long enough to enjoy will be so glad you did.

have a happy day
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

it has peaches in it

I told you
It would be in my house that Peach Crunch Cake
and it was
Nothing is better than
whipping up something good to eat
and not to mention healthy (it does have peaches in it)
with your little sweetie
the healthy part
Chloe is quite the cake mix spreader
and brown sugar sprinkler
and thank goodness it has butter in it
butter = LOVE
lil' something to balance out all those peaches
and walnuts don't hurt either
oh the waiting"if we look at you will you leave?"
"Yes".......I'll go back to staring in the oven door
it can't be much longer
oh sweet Josephine
Whooooooooooooooooooo !!

of subject but serious
if it would not be just crazy
I would eat one of these
right along with the peach crunch cake
..............I would
have a happy day
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Misti....I nearly forgot....your comment about your kiddos eating the sticky cereal was my FAVORITE !!!!

You my dear have a 10 Things I LOVE About You in a small sack coming your way.

Email me by clicking that button in the upper right to get your address to me.

Congratulations...and thanks for playing along.
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For you
some new and maybe some of these are old friends of yours
either way....blogs blogs blogs
and good ones....I LOVE finding a new blog I LOVE

Confessions of a Young Married Couple - honest....bright....and fun !!!
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Post Secret - I love the idea...sometime there are secrets I guess you just can't keep to mail them to the post secret address on a postcard...they post them here....and it's can relax.  Beware....some of these are adult in nature....just so you know...not all secrets are nice.
Joy the Baker - is it time for lunch yet......the photos...oh it all  looks so good.....I am so very hungry now.
A Beautiful Mess - oh oh OH....Elsie...creative genius.....stylish's all the words of Elsie herself HOLY CUTE !!!!!

There now....get you a cup of whatever you have my permission to !!!

All of the above blogs were nominated for the post title and it will take you there...where there are many more you just may love.

have a happy day
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Monday, February 1, 2010

oh geeeezz

THIS is on my to do list.....effective NOW

have a happy day
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white stuff

we really have no clue
how to act
being that this was one amongst
only 3 snows Chloe has had the privilege of
enjoying...and being by far the largest (7 whopping inches)
she just had to lay in
feel it
get to know it
"hi white stuff....I am Chloe and I like you"
and seeing as we are clueless as to what to do in
the white stuff that is too dry to make a snowman (who knew)
or snowballs
the crafter in me said let's color
I mixed food coloring in squirt bottles
and that almost.........almost mind you made me wanna go out too
I HATE ....well...don't love COLD.

I chose to watch safely and warmly from my 72 degree
dry home
even our poor animals have
no clue how to act
Daisy just could not pick up
that she had to pee......IN the white stuff
upon seeing that Chloe had painted yellow on the white stuff
in the sled.....Ms. Daisy thought maybe she could fool us
she stepped ever so carefully up on the sled
"ha...looks like pee....they'll never know I didn't do it......ruff ruff"
all done"
not so fast blackie
go git
and like the rest of us
Daisy eventually grew accustomed
and whined to go out so she could nibble on some snow

What do you do when you have zero big hills
you sled down your road

and you enjoy it

and you hope for more white stuff
which just may be
this coming weekend
or so I hear
hmm....maybe not so bad
now that we kinda feel like we know you
white stuff
( no silly comments from you peeps who LIVE in way more than 7 inches.......this was major for us....MAJOR I tell you)
let me think we conquered it......k....
have a happy day
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