Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheesy Heaven On Earth....For Real

Oh ladies........(sigh)
This dish ...... this Buffalo Chicken Dip...this cheesy heaven on earth is my new love
This dip brings me to my knees.....and is probably finding its way to my belly and butt as we speak....but
Oh....I do not care.

I first met this delicious wonder when my mother -in- law made it....
So as to not seem like a HOG I nibbled it....quite like a lady.

Superbowl Sunday....I made a dish of my very own
Chloe, Garren and I (dang them for eating any of it).....finished off the whole dish
I was saddened that there was none left for a little midnight snack.

Since then I have made is half a dozen times....we even eat it for dinner with chips if my craving for it move me to do so.
Chloe is right on board with me...she loves it as much as I do.
The picture above is well over half eaten, because when it comes out of the oven there is no time for photographing.... only time for eating.

I have never been a big buffalo flavor fan...I don't eat wings
I don't eat buffalo chicken sandwiches
BUT.....boy oh boy do I eat this.

I hate to do this to all of you....but I will share this recipe....and may you have more control over yourself than I do....I seriously eat too much of this....way too often.

Here is the link for the recipe

Here are the things I do different
- I do not use the microwave method
- I use "real" chicken breasts...I cook them and shred them myself
- I use mozarella not blue cheese
- I bake it for 15 mins then take out and top with more mozzarella cheese then bake another 5 because in the words of Paula Dean " Nothing ever tastes bad with a little extra cheese on top, it just never hurt a thing in its life"
- I use Kraft Roka brand of blue cheese dressing....have not tried it with ranch
- I use the Frank's Original Hot Sauce...not any of the fancy flavored ones
- I also just serve it (or depending on how ravenous I am) eat it out of the baking dish...I never dump it into a bowl like the pic on the recipe
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy my friends
Its so heaven......
and now after all that....I am sure I will be making a dish tonight....I can't even talk about it.
I am so weak.

have a happy day
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Luke and Hailie Girl said...

Man that sounds good.. will have to try..

Kelly 0. said...

This post was so hilarious! I can understand your obsession! Thanks for the recipe!

2- Sweet Boutique said...

Oh wow....this sounds Soooo good! My family LOVES anything that tastes like hot wings...we cook wings probably once a week, buffalo chicken pizza, etc. I am going to try this recipe tomorrow night...I'll let you know how I like it!
Thanks for sharing it!

Oh yeah..I love your blog btw!

Gini said...

My mouth is watering....

Have I said this before, If I have, ignore me - but that is your husband - Garren, right?

My son's name is Garrin. And of course everyone looks at me like I have 3 heads when they ask what his name is....

Pretty cool to find another Garren/Garrin.

Just me.....Shelly said...

SICK!!! That looks so dang good I could pass out!!

Remind me to make this when I get back to the midwest....!! yum!