Sunday, April 19, 2009


Waiting for skewers and a HOT grill

Waiting for salt, pepper, and butter and to be wrapped in aluminum foil to join the shrimp on the HOT grill
Waiting for olive oil and coarse salt...Yummers !!

Waiting to be carted off to jail
We witnessed a lady shop-lifting Saturday at the grocery store
I know its WRONG...we felt so sorry for her
In this world and this has to be SO hard for some families.
You are......Waiting for my delicious grilled shrimp recipe....cause I am cozy in bed.....I forgot to drag the recipe up to bed with me so I could pass it on to will wait....won't you. While you are at it...pass along your favorite grilled shrimp recipes, I would love to try them.
Waiting for the next pixelated photo......tomorrow my friends...the LAST of the pixelated photos.
have a happy day
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Heidi said...

Oh that is so sad! It makes you wonder when someone steals from a grocery store what they were taking. My husband works at a grocery store. He tells me what some people steal and they are not "necessity" items.