Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Treat

So much goin' on today...this Saturday was truly a treat
We have had so much rainy weather and up and down temperature days lately
We were starving for a day like today
The SUN was out
The weather was Perfect
A delicious breakfast at the park...bacon and egg sandwiches
A outdoor health and fitness fair at the YMCA meaning...lots of bouncy jump house thingys, entertainment, and SUN
Much needed yard work with the added benefit of working on my tan...I have to be in a wedding in 2 weeks...I don't wanna be the only "white" bridesmaid
Yummy dinner....steak and shrimp...I promise to share my shrimp recipe later
Thanks to all of you who have seen me for the much appreciated ego boostin' in the comments section of the first pixelated photo ya all.
To the rest of you.......You didn't really think I'd unpixelate this soon.....did ya ??
have a happy day
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Trish said...

your killin' us :)

melissa. said...

we're gettin there! :)