Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Late I'm Late...For a Very Important Date

I know I know
I promised you the cupcake giveaway winner yesterday
well....sorry....I just could not pass up a trip to IKEA
to make purchases for my NEW studio.

Yep...that's right...I'm finally transforming a room of my house into
a studio for Chloe and I....the area I was using was just too small
I felt the need for a whole room.....a large whole room
So $300.00...a grumpy husband and a cranky child later
I have a room full of new goodies
I cant wait to share it with you...but let me spiff it up a bit....It won't be long
On to the giveaway.... good buddy...wonderful customer Kate
I chose your cupcake choice and my favorite
This adorable earth friendly gift or anything bag.
Made by the sweet as pie Amy of Stinky Toes Designs....
get on over there and get you one.
So what does that mean for you Kate ??
Well you got an extra entry
but...I didn't pull your name sweetie....but because I like you sooo get 15% off your next remind me (wink)
Thanks to everyone for sharing your favorite etsy cupcakes....there were oodles of cute is hard to mess up a cupcake.
Thanks to each of you who shared your news people with me too....that was a treat...matter of fact of you who shared your news peeps with the WINNER !!!!

TERRI ....... you lucky girl you....the cupcake goodies are yours !! Please get me your address thru JaneSays or click the link in the top right to email it to me. Kate and Terri.

Have a happy day
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't She Stay....Just A Little Bit Longer ???

Dancing with the Stars
I watched the first season
then I fell off
I would catch it now and then
hear the random bits on entertainment news .....
This season I picked it back up
there is just NOTHING on TV right now
I normally watch tivo'd episodes of Sanford and Son
The Jeffersons
Good Times and
Three's Company
I love love love 70's television.....anyway
I added Dancing with the Stars to the line-up to keep myself in at least ONE present day show

I Love to watch the dancers....
their abilities amaze me
I love the colors and the sparkle in the costumes
I have my faves and I have my not so faves (Denise Richards)
Much to my dismay (not) poor poor Denise was voted off last night
Yay !!!!!!
Cheers !!!!!!!
Woooo Hooooo !!!!!!

If she is gone.....
HE is gone.....Maksim

Swoon again........
Come on Dancing with the Stars people...
Can't she stay.....Just a little bit longer ???
Don't forget the Cupcake Giveaway....Scroll down.
have a happy day

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcake Giveaway

They are everywhere
on dishes
on pajamas
on craft goodies
It's hard to stroll thru one of your favorite shops and NOT see a cupcake.

In HONOR of the LOVE of a bout' a giveaway
1 Cupake Journal
1 Set of Cupcake Stamps
1 Set of Cupcake Magnets

You can win them all.

To get an entry....go and find your favorite cupcake goodie on etsy
Come back here and give me the link
ok...that gets you one entry
THEN.....I will browse them all and my FAVORITE will get an extra entry
THEN for one more entry (which some of you have already done ) scroll down to the previous post and complete the crazy request.
So you can get a possible 3 entries !!!!

Winner will be chosen on Sunday

Have a happy day
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'll Show You Mine....Now Show Me Yours

Let's see em.....come on
Show me your "news people"

Meet Dave Wagner and Sonja Gantt
My news people
There is something comforting about your news people
Can't explain it....
Whenever we go down to our beach house.....ugh
I can't get into their news people
and Oh ...when we were at really could not dig their news people
The look of the set
The sound of the voices
The sound of the studio and the sound equipment
Just too different

One of my quirks....
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- help you along with showing me your news people....
I have a fun and cute cupcake giveaway coming sometime this week.
If you blog about or email (link top right) me a pic of your news get an entry in addition to any you make for the giveaway itself.
Now be sure to link me back if you blog it.....


Free Shipping all weekend at JaneSays too if you buy 4 items or whatcha waitin' on?

have a happy day

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moon Pie

I want you to meet Moon Pie are correct to recall from a previous post that I am not a cat person
Don't hate em'....just don't love em either .... but Moon Pie.....yea...I kinda like her.

My grandpa has a hardware store which has been in business for 58 years....I brag on that every chance I get....I think its just awesome...good ole fashion hardware store...with a bucket of free gum on the counter...and a drink machine out by the wood-shop where you can still get a drink for 50 cent.....and YES in this economy...and YES with a Lowes and a Home Depot within 5 those are like cuss words in our family....Home Depot and Lowe's......Ewwwww.

and along with that good ole' fashion service and a also get Moon Pie.
We sell moon pies (and if you are from the south...yes we have RC in the drinkbox)...the construction workers love to grab em' a moon pie .
Well once upon a time when the moon pie box turned up empty.....Graby whom we now call Moon Pie took it over. A little background on Moon Pie real quick. We are a lumber yard as well as a hardware store...and with that comes its good to keep a cat or 2 or 10 around. One day one strolled up....and she had babies and its been goin on and on since then...we now have ...ohhhhh.....10 or more.
Well Moon Pie is the daughter of the late Mama Goldie...the first cat we ever had.
We feed them all each day and they are well cared for. Moon Pie is the inside cat.....she STAYS in this Moon Pie box. ..which sits up on the counter...front and center.
Each and every brawny...tough...dirty....and sometimes darn good lookin man that walks thru our doors....stops...and coos...and talks to....and scratches Moon Pie. She is truly livin' the good life.
Now....aren't ya glad ya got to meet Moon Pie.....
have a happy day
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Love

Some yummies I love love right now....

Ok Alice Apple

Stop it with these cute know I am a sucker for a weenie dog !!

These darling birdies from The Freckle Hound will be mine

and that's a promise....I just have to think of the perfect spot

I am trying to break myself from buying things for my home and

letting them sit until I find just the spot.

So...I'm thinkin' I'm thinkin'.




Please be sure you are sitting down.

Ugh.....look at this beauty

It's so cute it hurts me to look at it

You can find this at Nest Pretty Things

and if you go buy it...please don't tell me

I want one for every room in my house

What do you love love right now....send me a link I would love to see

and if I buy it....I won't tell you....promise.

Have a happy day
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Sunday, March 8, 2009


there is fabric in my sink.....desiring to be rinsed and dried and ironed....ugh!
there are walls begging of a sponge and some soap ..... or even better a fresh coat of paint

there are floors threatening to let me fall right thru them if I don't sweep them soon
there were bubbles that needed to be blown

and little feet that needed to stroll....for 5 30.......

Saturday just had to happen the way it wanted to.....
have a happy day
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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Our GOD is an Awesome GOD.....

$15,667.93 for Cora's Playground.

If you prayed...if you gave....thank you.

have a happy day
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes.....Yes...YES !!!!!

Oh what a beautiful morning......
Oh what a beautiful day.....

It came....
We saw......
We played.....
Have a happy day
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees.....

Goes to KRISTEN !!!!! me thru JaneSays or click the purdy little button in the right corner and get me your address.

I will do my best to get it out tomorrow or Tuesday...but please understand...they(weathermen) are calling for snow....and we simply can not function here in the south in snow in an excess of an inch or 2.....Soooo bear with me.

Thanks to all who entered...
Have a happy day
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