Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't She Stay....Just A Little Bit Longer ???

Dancing with the Stars
I watched the first season
then I fell off
I would catch it now and then
hear the random bits on entertainment news .....
This season I picked it back up
there is just NOTHING on TV right now
I normally watch tivo'd episodes of Sanford and Son
The Jeffersons
Good Times and
Three's Company
I love love love 70's television.....anyway
I added Dancing with the Stars to the line-up to keep myself in at least ONE present day show

I Love to watch the dancers....
their abilities amaze me
I love the colors and the sparkle in the costumes
I have my faves and I have my not so faves (Denise Richards)
Much to my dismay (not) poor poor Denise was voted off last night
Yay !!!!!!
Cheers !!!!!!!
Woooo Hooooo !!!!!!

If she is gone.....
HE is gone.....Maksim

Swoon again........
Come on Dancing with the Stars people...
Can't she stay.....Just a little bit longer ???
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have a happy day

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Mary said...

Oh my goodness, I so agree!! He would make anyone swoon! Yummy....

alyssa said...

im with ya! denise made me have to close my eyes!! ha!!

Justine said...

yes yes, oh Maksim you are too gorgeous... I totally thought his fiancee with Mr. Apple would be booted off first, what a surprise!! Charlie Sheen was somewhere last night laughing his ass off

mommyholly said...

hahaha OMG I so agree!!! Denise was an AWFUL dancer but Maks is wayyyy too cute to be kicked off already hehe!! xoxox

Linda said...

He is easy on the eyes! I will miss him, but not Denise. Hopefully Max will be back for some dance numbers!!! :)

Andrea said...

LOL - Denise and Holly remind me of my Barbie - her legs didn't bend, either!

Well - there was that bendable Barbie... I had a few of those. And they always wound up needing knee replacement surgery... with that weird plastic thingie sticking out of their "broken" knees... *shudder* Poor Barbie...

Oh wait! We were talking about Dancing with the Stars, weren't we? Sorry.


Polka Dot Moon said...

She was terrible, but I agree now we have no Maks :(

She and Holly, oh and Steve W. are the worst. And I'm still not buying Maks and Karina! Wasn't she with Mario Lopez for quite some time??

Oh my.........can't believe I know that! Too much TV!