Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'll Show You Mine....Now Show Me Yours

Let's see em.....come on
Show me your "news people"

Meet Dave Wagner and Sonja Gantt
My news people
There is something comforting about your news people
Can't explain it....
Whenever we go down to our beach house.....ugh
I can't get into their news people
and Oh ...when we were at really could not dig their news people
The look of the set
The sound of the voices
The sound of the studio and the sound equipment
Just too different

One of my quirks....
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- help you along with showing me your news people....
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have a happy day

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Terri said...

When I saw this I just about died. It's so true... I went to california and I watch the news daily, so to see different people it seemed to throw off my whole day. Here is a link to my news people. I just don't know what I'd do without them, thanks for making me laugh.

Jen said...

Oh, my news people ARE the Disney news people...I can't get in to them either!!!! I can certainly relate to what you are saying, I dreadfully miss my 'old' news people.

Kelly O. said...

HA HA! I always think American newscasters are so funny.(I'm from Canada and my mom lives in the states).Everytime I watch it, it seems so foreign. Just different. More flashy I think than Canadian Television news.
The first link is to our weatherman, Dave MacDonald. He's like a rock. You can trust him.
the second is to my fave newscaster. Kyle Christie isn't bad to look at AND has a style which we happen to be used to....
It's funny how humans are so stuck in their ways and just like what they like :)
Have a good News day!
Kelly O.
skotten at distributel dot net

Justine said...

holy crap! you are so original... I will blog my news ppl tomorrow since they are usually on Mon-Fri ;)

2punks1princess said...

You are so right about this. In our area of NE North Carolina, we are really close to Hampton Roads, Va. so our news comes out of there. There are 3 news channels 3,10,13, but my absolute fav is 'Wavy TV 10' I watch religiously every morning and evening (when I say watch, I really mean I can hear it as I do my thing around the house). The 2 newscasters, Kerri Furey and Don Roberts, are very comforting. I tried to download and attach a pic but...I am just not very saavy and could not figure it out!

Jennifer said...

When I moved to the northwest from the south, we discovered that our old news guy had an identical twin brother. How'd we know? His twin brother was a news anchor in our new town! It was so nice to see a familiar place. We ended watching that channel because of it.

Here is my post about my news people:

Ashley said...

Blogged about my Weds 25th Hail damage.
There's a link for my news people.


Leen said...

Where's your beach house? Your beach house news people may be MY newspeople!!