Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Grief.....

Weather man just said..."best chance for some sunny weather...Sunday"...I am crawling down under my covers til then.....Adios'

have a happy day
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Grey is not my favorite color

So here is our sky.....again today...enough already. I NEED SOME SUNSHINE !! My car today was informing me that ice was possible...what?!? its Spring for crying out loud.....and the rain, Ohhhh the rain...doesn't mother nature know I have flip-flops begging to flip and flop. Just as this sky makes for a sour also makes for sour photos.....

New goodies in the shop tonight and all week I hope...I have been working all last week on a big project and had very little creating time....I will fill you all in on the project when the time comes.

little collections of goodies....

Tree card....

Pleated blossoms....scrapbooking with these is fun fun fun !!

Hey Crystal look....its my Cottage "Collection"....(wink)

for more of the cottage cards visit the shop

Yummy...we ate at chili's tonight..this is our favorite hubby and I ate here a LOT in our dating phase. and we still do....I would say we eat here ohhhh once a week average...Chips and Salsa and Fajitas !!! We brought some home...the chips are bottomless so we always bring a refill home.

If anyone knows how to teach a doggie to fill its own bowl....fill me in....mainly because I turn around and its empty and I have no clue how long its been empty and I panic that Lei Lei has been without food.

Don't even ask me why I am showing ya'll my bathroom just looked kinda fun and this pic opened my eyes to the fact that my comb is missing a tooth....never knew.. hmmm.

have a happy day
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bits of Sunday cough is still bad enough to be annoying the crap out of bad that he banished himself to the sunroom couch last night....its was actually sort of nice...I sprawled out and coughed my sweet little self to sleep. So this morning when I came downstairs...this is what I found...Bless him for folding up his blanket...I didn't expect that much..but he also put the pillows back....just not back my way...his attempt at fluffing the house amuses me....when he has to straighten the goodies on a table because Chloe has moved them...its just funny to see where he puts things...I just get tickled looking at that OCD is flaring up.....Aghhhhh that crooked pillow.

Ahhhh..much better...if you do not agree..if you actually like the askew pillows...keep it to yourself.

Tonight while Garren and I watched the Davidson Wildcats lose....poor guys...and I caught up on some craftiness....Chloe made me play-doh birthday cake.....don't you wish you were here to celebrate...doesn't it look its not my birthday she just wanted to celebrate something I think. I had to blow out the candles three now that makes me 37 !! I did not return the favor to her however...she could stay 3 forever and I would be just fine...minus the new found 3 year old fibbing and talking back....little wiener !!

Mommy birdy on here homemade square foot working away....sweet little mama !!

Spunky blue paisley package on its way to Crystal and Moses....this week !! I adore you guys !!

Did someone say nilla wafer....the dog loves a nilla wafer...for every 2 Garren eats she eats one...yes we feed our dog some people food...she does not eat lasagna or tacos...but she loves snack foods.Said the concerned husband to the crafty wife this morning "did you know you left some of this fabric on the stove top last night?"..Ummmmm "yea"...."Do you think that's a good idea?"....I just stood there looking at him....what ?!? ..........he stacked it up all nice on the side of the stove...Ummmm...thanks...I think.

Cheezits with Ming sweet sweet baby girl !!

have a happy day
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My Life's Soundtrack... this took a little which of you will be the next lucky one to complete this fun little task....I'm off to tag...I may be back later to babble on and on...or I may just catch ya'll later.

If your life were a soundtrack, what would the music be?

Here’s how it works:
1. open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing
5. new question — press the next button
6. don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

opening credits: "Borderline" -Madonna
waking up: "Today" -Smashing Pumpkins
first day at school: "Cannonball" -The Breeders
falling in love: "Sabotage -Beastie Boys
breaking up: "My Prerogative" -Bobby Brown
prom: " 74' 75' -The Connells
life’s okay: "My Stupid Mouth" -John Mayer
mental breakdown: "Hazy Shade of Winter" -The Bangles
driving: "Round Here" -Counting Crows
flashback: "Push-It" -Salt'N' Pepa
getting back together: "I'd Die Without You" -PM Dawn
wedding: "1999" -Prince
birth of child: "Love is a Battlefield" -Pat Benatar
battle: "Steal My Kisses" -Ben Harper
death scene: "Yellow Brick Road" -Elton John
end credits: "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" -Cutting Crew

have a happy day
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mother's Day

Thank you C for sending me this link ..Etsy Mother's Day Gift Guide
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Power Strip Thing A Ma Jigs....and Life Beautiful

Today was just lovely and I could not be more was was COLD...I hate to be a grumbler but it was just crumby....what a Saturday. No great photos...because if you know me you know I like sunny photos...not grey ones. I had so many new shop goodies to show blog now.... give you a little pre-shop entry peek ....but oh you may just have to see them at the same time as the rest of the world....oh yea...the rest of the world goes to JaneSays...its the best shop ever !! I did send my first package to Dubai this week...that tickled me..I love when people from far away places shop with me....its so..... for lack of a better

Crazy kid question of the day..."mommy...why do we have feet?" Ummmm so we have somewhere to put satisfied tell me why do we have feet ?

Crazy husband action of the know power strips..the thing-a-ma-jigs you can plug one million things into....well we obviously have nowhere to keep those things...they do not have a spot..I guess I have no basket or bin labeled Power Strip Thing A Ma Jigs...because they have started turning up everywhere....Garren just tosses them behind stuff...there is one behind my scrapbooks??!!?? I found one in a basket on the top shelf of my closet that holds my back-up photo discs and home-movies...What kinda crazy mess is now they are in a little pile along with the Easter baskets and bunnies an such waiting to get tossed into the attic....which is now the official spot for power strip thing a ma jigs.

Life:Beautiful ..... Faith for your Journey....this is a wonderful Woman's magazine about mom picked this up and is letting me borrow it this weekend. No...Chloe...I can't see you drinking that pepsi if you are behind the lamp..........

I have been tagged again to complete the tag chore of all tag will have to wait until tomorrow...should be fun check back...and yes....someone will be next !!

have a happy day
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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning at the SHOP...all weekend long and maybe into the week...items will be greatly reduced and added to the Spring Cleaning section....if I am going to have any room for new goodies....some of the oldies must go.....go see if there is anything you must have

have a happy day
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Friday, March 28, 2008


I ducked in earlier just to make sure everyone was watching the Davidson Wildcats...they won...and played well...once again that Stephen word..WOW !! So now its on to the top 8 with the next game tomorrow my fascination with this small town team...this amazing young player....and this sport called basketball continues.......

No my headache is not gone.....when I cough I cough loud and deep, its so forceful it usually gives me a headache...topped with all the junk in my head..I am feelin' like a million bucks right now !! Garren just said "I hope you are not gonna do that all night"....and I gave him an open invitation to sleep on the couch.....
Chloe got some new books today....a friend of ours dropped them off they were waiting in our mailbox...The Grumpy Bird looks how I feel.
I ordered these from her daughter's book order from her school...for some reason Chloe's preschool does not do a book order but I am mentioning it next week. Do you remember book orders?...those were the best. The scholastic books are so affordable and such cute stories too.

Who does not love Corduroy...

Some fabric I picked up today..wonder where this will end up....I am trying really hard to get in a sewing mood...I mean a real sewing friend C is such an inspiration...but I just can't get it in creative time comes in spurts of a few minutes here...a few minutes there...I don't have a lot of time for detailed sewing projects....but I wanna do one sooooo bad !!

This is a really good magazine....if you see it ....pick it up...especially if you love eye candy.

Lots and lots of new cards with a new springy feel....and a fresh and fun photo album hopefully landing in the shop sure to swing by
have a happy day
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Excuse me??

Assuming that this headache I have given myself from coughing all day goes away....I will be back in a bit for a bigger post....just wondering right now if you are watching these Davidson Wildcats.....Go Wildcats !!!!

have a happy day
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OK C...just for you...I have turned off the word verification post away good buddy without the annoying hassle of typing 52 letters I swear it was only you who complained about too many letters....Blogger is after you..... Now won't you feel horrible if I begin getting all sorts of comment spam ??

have a happy day
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

You will not believe....

Ladies...and gents .... if I have any gentleman readers....Garren put the train in the car for me yesterday...can you believe...I think the booger came downstairs while I was getting ready for dinner and read my blog....he says he didn't but come on...what are the chances?? Yes (I am jumping up and down) the charger is out of my lime bowl...welcome back nice and springy bowl of limes. If all it takes to get stuff done around here is me mentioning it on my blog......oh the magical powers of the car is so back could sure use a ribbon basket is way outta let's see what happens.

Working Mother... Now is that redundant or what?!? The caped one doing some chalk art on this sunny ....warm..... just downright lovely day !! The Easter Bunny brought her enough chalk to last until she is driving...she will be able to mark off her own parking place in the driveway.

This is where we ate dinner last night...I love a burger and fries...sorry you health concious ones I dont mean to make you squeamish.....The What-A-Burger....this place has the best burgers and oooh ooooh crispy fries. I would send all of you one if I could....if you are ever down this way...find a What-A-Burger and chow will be glad you did.

Beautiful beautiful Lovely lovely Sweet sweet...package in the mail today....One Ripe Peach...this girly knows how to do it know the package is good when you dont wanna unwrap it...oh but I had to....because this lovely lace was inside...the yellow I purchase...the other was a freebie. I love love love this yourself a favor and GO now.

I am not picking go now...just the most dainty tags you will ever see.

Little outside time for Lei Lei...and yes mr. ball comes too.

have a happy day
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's 70 degrees today....must get prepared

With 70 degree and higher days in my near future I must begin the yearly ritual of replenishing my supply of Old navy tank tops and flip-flops. Today I picked up this happy blue and a white...I'll grab a couple a week from now til they start putting fall stuff out....I have millions of these and I don't throw them out...they just get demoted to sleepwear or painting clothes. You will see me in one of these nearly everyday....I love love love them. When it comes to clothes I am soooo low maintenance...I'm a very simple girly. 2 pairs of standard rubber flip-flops...these are my favorite....I don't like the colors though...just black I picked up a brown today too because when I was checking out the sales associate said "don't you want to get another pair....they are 2 for $5.00" well of course I do...

remember the to-do list from last night....there are still here

and so are these.....

Some homemade space ships made from the containers from the lace I picked up today.....nothing like a child's imagination. Ming Ming from the Wonder Pets and Fish Outta Water from Chicken Little its a go....10....9...8...7...6...5...4....3....2....1.......ok back in the toy box is it just my OCD or when your phone tells you that you have missed a call but you can clearly see that you have no messages do you have to look and see who the call was from....I do.

This plug in charger has been in my bowl of limes for a week and a goes to a little ride-on train I am taking to another mom that I thought could use it....everyday I say Garren...put that train in my car so I can take it to Beverly.....anyone care to guess how many more days this charger sleeps in my bowl of limes....if you guess correctly I just may send you some fresh and fun goodies.....go ahead guess....closest guess wins.....understand this could take a while.

So...the other day I showed you where my bag lands...well these are the oddest things in my bag at the time....this explosion marker which if you are a parent you know is no good to me without the super duper secret paper....and this discount card...oh this cracks me up....Garren gave me this a couple of months ago with the instructions that if I stopped by Edwin Watts Golf to get him anything to have them scan this card so he can get coupons and such....hahahahahahahahahaha....should I tell him I use this for picking food outta my teeth...oh my gosh...did I say that??

have a happy day
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I need a nap or a vacation or something...

I am sorry I have no exciting, funny and generally up-lifting post for today. I am sitting here in bed...Chloe is beside me because it was just easier to say ok and Garren is in the playroom playing football with someone online.

Today was just chaotic...busy..non-stop I wish I could have gotten at least one fun photo with an interesting story to show you but I didn't....I barely had time to go potty. Here is the only photo on my camera from today it was for Shelly of Lily Eden and Lemon Tree Studio...she wanted to know the best adhesive to use with acrylic albums and I made her this lovely photo and sent it on its merry way to her. Oh but don't think that was the excitement of my day....oh NO...I had enough family drama to go around today...want some?? Glad today is over ...onward to Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday let's examine my Wednesday to do list

buy more robin's egg blue lace

go to the post office...woooo hoooo

Look for some fun paper for Sam...hi Sam !!

clean house...I think we are showing it this week...if you did not know..its for sale

throw out chocolate bunnies also known as Chloe's lunch

avoid family drama like the plague

go buy fun fabric to entice me to sew

don't eat chick-fil-a for lunch again

paint my toenails or pay someone to do so

I will try really really hard to have exciting and fun photos for tomorrows post......

have a happy day

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Flip, Flap and Fly

Flip, Flap and Fly...its a little tune from a movie the Easter Bunny brought Chloe The Land Before Time The Day of the Flyers....its the theme of my life...I flip....I flap...and I fly. Its a busy day...everyday and I know your day is the same way...go go go. When I got in from work today I was greeted by Chloe she stayed home with daddy today he is off this whole week...anyway she wanted to paint and paint now....she did really well....I am trying to get her to paint something other than a big brown blob and not be to directive or restrict her creativity....and today I think she did well.

Now here is the kicker.....Chloe was ready for dinner the minute I got home and this is I said "why are you hungry?" ..."what did you eat for lunch?"...Chloe replied "potato chips" so I looked to Garren is this true...potato chips?? "Yes" he said...and I noticed one of the TOO many chocolate bunnies in our house was opened....I said "Chloe...did you eat some chocolate bunny"...."yes" and "have you had chocolate milk today?" "yes"...holy cow it is just the county fair when daddy is at home isn't it?? I knew we needed something good for dinner to cancel out the

We headed to Troutman to Julia's Talley House.this was the view of the lake as we crossed. Only a 10 minute ride to some good country cookin'.

We had to stop and get gas....nothing like gas prices to put you in a good mood. Thank goodness we had enough money left over to eat at the Talley House, Garren and I had the country style steak and mashed potatoes and a vegetable..Ms. Chloe had spaghetti and ate every I let her have some more county fair food...chocolate cake....haha !!

Here is a shot of the sweet little flip flap and fly the movie we watched it on the way home. Chloe and I in the back seat and her with her shirt was itching know how silly kids can be. "Mommy..let me not have my shirt on when we get home too ok?"...ok Chloe you can not have your shirt home when you get home too... you cute kid you !!

have a happy day
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Oh!! I am being sucked in

Just stopping by to hopefully get a hand here...I am completely being sucked in by this dare I say NCAA tournament. Well here where we live there is sort of a story forming...I am a sucker for a story. The Davidson Wildcats a small school in the area....well they are going to the sweet 16 and I have no clue if there were expected to do this or not but I would not think so...uh ya like the lingo ladies if you dont know what the sweet 16 is...ask any man or me....anyway....they have this player Stephen Curry...he is just so small and innocent looking...and I don't know a thing about him...but you wanna pull for him...I don't know why. His father played for our PRO team for a number of years the last name has been in our vocabulary before...I don't know what the draw is but it exists...I can not deny it any longer. They play again next weekend..and Yep I will watch. Will I put away the paper...glue...scissors...fabric...probably not, but for once the repetitious bouncing ball and the squeaking shoes up and down...up and down the court and the loud horn won't irritate me....I am FAN for crying out GO WILDCATS !!!! and GO STEPHEN !!!

It took a lot for me to admit that...because I hate one is to tell my husband about this post....understood ??

have a happy day
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Am I Sitting Down Now??

So tell I sitting down yet?? What a whirlwind weekend. We have been bouncing off the walls here and there and everywhere. It was a lovely and fun Easter weekend. Chloe got so many nice goodies...she asked me, what is the next day??...meaning when do I get gifts at every house I visit again..when is the next day.... That kid loves a gift.

Church was eventful for 2 reasons...... the power went off for a short while so we sat in the dark for a bit ......secondly.....we took Chloe in BIG church today instead of to her class...she did pretty good. I think it is good for her to go now and then.......I love to watch her when we sing...our church has a lot of lights and a band and she thinks it is a show....she enjoys the she even sang along..she got not one word right but she sang her heart out...too cute !!
"Winnie" from the Wonder Pets says Happy Easter to all Fresh and Fun Readers....

Chloe's eggs she created at Nana's house Saturday...she did a beautiful job, then she ate one....that could not have been my pizza and cheese biscuit eating child....What ??!!??

What is this you might ask...its a weenie bag...yea...a weenie bag. A friend of ours made this at my request for Lei Lei...she has 2 blankets one upstairs and one down that she burrows under and wraps herself up in...well now she has this...a fleece lined weenie had been in our home 5 minutes when I took this photo....oh yea she is in there...she LOVES it...thanks Cindy !!

Note it is now 10:00 and the weenie bag has been in my home for 5 hours..Lei Lei is still in it.
New cottage-y fabric cards and embellishments in the shop this em'

Have a happy day
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