Thursday, March 20, 2008

WeLcOmE SpRiNg

I know you could not wait to see what was in Chloe's special package yesterday...well take a gander at these cuties. The lovely green and white background is Chloe's dress that C made her..this I purchased...but nestled down in the package along with it were these 2 cute stuffies. Chloe is working them both into regular rotation with her Wonder Pets and Buzz Lightyear her current sidekicks. The little bunny is a creation made by Tiddlywinks and the stellar C at Little Bit Funky made the dollie if you read her blog you may recall her putting this little dollie down...I have no clue why..she is cheek-pinching adorable....Chloe and I are both glad she never made it to the shop. Thanks so much C and Moses (C's little darling) are so special. If you don't love preschool crafts you need to sweet is this buck-toothed bunny. She will take a place of honor each and every Easter to come. Great job Chloe..mommy loves !!

2 of the sweet felt birdies that are heading to a new home soon. These will be hanging in a babies room...lucky baby !!

The parade of Mother's Day cards...pull up a lounge chair..get some cotton candy and ENJOY !!
Visit the shop to pick one up for your Mommy.

Fabric scraps that arrived today....oh the goodies these will have the pleasure of being a part of. You can get some here.

My thoughts exactly Lei Lei Spring is here...I left the back door open so she could sun herself...this dog loves the sun...don't we all. I think I will grab a lemonade and join her...NOW !!

have a happy day
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You can call me Lucky. said...

lol. That is what I do for my two dogs! I have been letting them lay in the sun with the door open and it is just wonderful! They love it! :)Happy we are in spring now!!!

amybell said...

those mommy's day cards are have serious talent. :) keep creating!

jimaie.marie said...

your cards fill me with a RIDICULOUS amount of J-O-Y!
the bright colors are delicious and vibrant and everything is OH SO CUTE!!
i want them all!!! :D