Saturday, March 1, 2008


Let me begin by saying its Beeeee Yuuuuuu Teeeeee Fuuuullllll here today...I needed this sunlight badly I am one of those people....Sunlight should be one of the 4 food groups where I am concerned. First things first Chloe and I ran errands bright and early picked up some this and some that....Chloe wanted to get one more gift for the baby (we are attending a baby shower in a couple of hours) we picked up a BIG picture better gift if you ask me...especially from one child to another....I wrapped it up all nice and lovely using one of my cute paper blossoms, which you can almost always find in the shop as long as they are not sold out.

I am not really a shoe person...I can get by on several good pairs....I think my Chloe is going to be a shoe person....she is particular .... lately about what shoes she wears for what event. This is her newset pair.....she calls them her "sparkly shoes"...I like them because they slip right on.

And last buy certainly not the mail yesterday...these lovelies from Creative Paper Trail...sweet little flower parts to adorn this and that....can't wait to use them.....maybe tonight I can sit down and make some new goodies. I have been promising new photo albums, scrapbook boards, and chipboard books for a week now in the shop....I need to start turning them out.

If it is sunny where you are....GET OUTSIDE !!!

Have a happy day !!
Oh and Thank You Crystal for the blog assistance.
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C said...

Your blog makes me want to hug you!! SO fun and bright!! :)