Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bits of Sunday cough is still bad enough to be annoying the crap out of bad that he banished himself to the sunroom couch last night....its was actually sort of nice...I sprawled out and coughed my sweet little self to sleep. So this morning when I came downstairs...this is what I found...Bless him for folding up his blanket...I didn't expect that much..but he also put the pillows back....just not back my way...his attempt at fluffing the house amuses me....when he has to straighten the goodies on a table because Chloe has moved them...its just funny to see where he puts things...I just get tickled looking at that OCD is flaring up.....Aghhhhh that crooked pillow.

Ahhhh..much better...if you do not agree..if you actually like the askew pillows...keep it to yourself.

Tonight while Garren and I watched the Davidson Wildcats lose....poor guys...and I caught up on some craftiness....Chloe made me play-doh birthday cake.....don't you wish you were here to celebrate...doesn't it look its not my birthday she just wanted to celebrate something I think. I had to blow out the candles three now that makes me 37 !! I did not return the favor to her however...she could stay 3 forever and I would be just fine...minus the new found 3 year old fibbing and talking back....little wiener !!

Mommy birdy on here homemade square foot working away....sweet little mama !!

Spunky blue paisley package on its way to Crystal and Moses....this week !! I adore you guys !!

Did someone say nilla wafer....the dog loves a nilla wafer...for every 2 Garren eats she eats one...yes we feed our dog some people food...she does not eat lasagna or tacos...but she loves snack foods.Said the concerned husband to the crafty wife this morning "did you know you left some of this fabric on the stove top last night?"..Ummmmm "yea"...."Do you think that's a good idea?"....I just stood there looking at him....what ?!? ..........he stacked it up all nice on the side of the stove...Ummmm...thanks...I think.

Cheezits with Ming sweet sweet baby girl !!

have a happy day
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Allikaye's Mama said...

At first, I thought your sun room was a picture from a magazine! So cute! i love the lime green!! Yay for you! And keep me posted on that magazine - you are so sweet to think of me - and possibly hook me up with the card! Yay for you again!

C said...

A few things...

Cute cute house! Love that limey are so cool.

Jealous of the mama bird.

Dying to know what your honey looks like...he looks like a good dresser at the very least.

Ming ming makes me smile.

I heart presents and I adore you too!

Have a great day! :)

amybell said...

I love the sun room..and, to have a sun it. you make me laugh with your husband conversations...when i was sick yesterday, ALL my crafting made it up to my room in PILES. Now, I can't find my treats. :( Anyway, husbando said he wanted to tidy up..uh-huh. the same guy that when he was single, instead of doing laundry, just bought new clothes. Oh, I love to the couch to rest. blah. :(

lily eden said...

lol! my hubby hasn't a decorating clue either! but it is sooo cute when they try isn't it? love the room! and i prefer the pillows how you have them hee hee!