Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Grief.....

Weather man just said..."best chance for some sunny weather...Sunday"...I am crawling down under my covers til then.....Adios'

have a happy day
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C said...

I told Doug you would call me a wiener!! :) loves!!!

lily eden said...

ugh! i know how you feel...the weather here is horrible too! I need some vintamin D!!! WHere is the sunshine??
Our backyard is so much prettier in the summer (that pic in by blog u were referring to), but we have 3 ponds back there and lots of koi and water lilies... and we're backed up to a hiking trial, so its nice and wooded and private...perfect for the Lil-meister when she gets a bit bigger! Can't wait fir summer!!! so we can wear the flops and the "perfect fit" tanks from old navy!!lol! enjoy the day (under the covers)!