Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Perpetual To Do List

I have this to do list ...this perpetual to do list on this list are 3 items...oh trust me my everyday to do list is a lot longer...but this list consists of 3 little chores that I just don't want to do, well its not really that I don't want just unpleasant stuff.

1. Set up and get music on Chloe's mp3 player...she got this Disney player on her last birthday(July) and Mommy does not have a song on it yet.....she occasionally asks..." where is my ipod" oh mean to tell me I have not taken care of that yet...Mommy will get it done....promise.

2. List Chloe's old clothes on ebay....listing on ebay is SUCH a CHORE...I list items in batches of 5 or so....wait for them to end...list on and so on..I have did 2 batches since the new year...I loathe the task. My favorite consignment shop went out of business and the other local ones I don't care for, so ebay is a good option...just wish I didn't dread the process so much.

3. Straighten out Garren's (hubby) ipod...yes you guessed it...I am the resident techie...up until last year we did not have a computer in the house...I always did whatever was necessary on my computer at work, didn't really need one at home...then came JaneSays..which I needed to maintain to a laptop was introduced into our family. OK back to the up until then G's music was on my work computer...I did all the uploading..downloading...deleting....purchasing...from there. Well G wants his music on our computer..don't blame him...just wish he could handle it. Doing anything with an ipod it not simple...and after the complicated and unsuccessful attempt at moving his music library I have yet to tackle that issue again....I know it is going to mean a one on one with apple and who wants that.

Don't think I am the only one....Garren has a small perpetual to do list to....Ill only say these 3 little words....Oil Change....Tires...ok done sweetie. Love ya ...mean it !!

Beautiful day here in NC...some rocky storms last night...but we made it through.

Have a happy day
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