Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Weekend....

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...yes its almost over. Ours was relaxing and laid-back.
We got some things accomplished and some things'll see...and I got some creating time.....because Chloe took a 3 hour nap Saturday I think she was making up for that time change that was still haunting her a little. Oh but while that nap was nice Saturday "day" it was no good Saturday "night"...Ms. Chloe was up until 11.45 and wide open I must say bouncing off the walls.

Here are some of the new goodies to go in the shop tonight or Monday night....Pleated don't these look like fun embellishments....Let's scrapbook...and now. Fabric birdies and flowers...these are sewn on card stock so they can be applied to nearly any project.

Austin the Owl...Chloe saw him and said " like to make stuff ...don't you?"

The best time to eat is when Chloe is Lei Lei decides to have a nibble.

Oh I said we did some eatin'...I don't know if you have these where you are or if you have ever ate one....but Mmmmmmm.

There is no good time for a bath ....I hate letting Chloe do this but she loves it soooo much...sorry Lei Lei...I don't know what scares her more, the gaping hole (bathtub) she is in, the water, or the 3 Yr. old with the sneaky grin and a bottle of dog shampoo.

Now that you ask no we don't have enough cars from the movie CARS...if you have any extra could you send them right away? Do you play guitar hero...does your sweetie? Are these not the ugliest people on this game you have ever seen?

My Guitar Hero...go baby go....he'll say " come here...listen you like this song" Too cute !!

WOW...that was a lot of was that kind of weekend...a little this...a little that.
Oh may have read about the little bird family that was building their nest in my backporch...well...she is having so much trouble..she builds it and the wind blows it out...its so frustrating watching her...I wanna go help all she needs is a little glue and maybe some yarn or thread...I could fix her right up...hopefully I will have some babies to show you soon. Don't be surprised if the nest has hot pink and teal shimmery yarn in it {wink}
have a happy day
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Anonymous said...

love your stuff, too cute! those fabric birdies and flowers might just have to come to my house. Can't wait to see 'em in your shop!

April said...

Thanks so much Jeseca...April

Allikaye's Mama said...

I just found your blog! First I loved your header - so bright and beautiful! And then I love your postings! I'm so excited for myself to have found you! :0) My hubby also plays guitar Hero and I could have taken that picture in my house! He will "rock out" with headphones when our Allikaye is napping! Oh, the dedication! Ha! I'll come visit again!

pumpkin seed said...

I love the little Owl cabnit knob hanger! Such a sweet lil face he has!!!

jimaie.marie said...

whoa, so much to comment on, i love it all!
My friends and are are HUGE Guitar hero dorks, we LOVE to play, so addicting right?

WOWSERS that's a TON of cars!!!