Monday, March 3, 2008

Sticker Sale and Some of My Favorite Nooks and Crannies...... oh yeah and the MARCH SALE the Hobby Lobby is having a sticker what I could care less....I can resist...I will spend my lunch hour somewhere I meandered thru the sticker aisle and I found a few packages I had to have...stickers come in handy...I have way more than I will ever use they are kind of like paper for me....them more I have the more craftily content I am. Some very cute cartoony animals...and I love arrows right now. Picked up some theme stuff too so I can make some more chipboard books...I was never quite into those then I had 2 lovely ladies visit my etsy shop and request that I make them one....and it was a now I dabble in it from time to time.

These Bee Movie jewels are strictly for Chloe.....hands off you crazy crafting Mom...and yes you guessed it two minutes and one red piece of construction paper later they are history she can really stick a sticker....a crazy crafter in the making.

And know who you blog visitor and friend who requested to see some of my are a smidge of my favorite nooks and crannies....I love that giant white vegetable...I don't know what it is....but I love it....if you know...please inform me.

yes...I like the letter H....I have 3 in my home this one was an unhappy gold thing and I rescued it and freshened it up...and that little shelf with the baskets the last basket on the right...that is where I stash all of my store receipts that have online or phone surveys on them....I am going to win day. milk glass collection....My mother (hi mom) completed this for me this Christmas...I really like this shelf full of goodness.

See...another H this one is from anthropologie....could you not just pitch a tent and live in that shop??

oh yea and those too. Those 2 interesting photos are from Skirt great free magazine only distributed in certain areas....I highly recommend you pick it up and read has Wonderful Stories each and every month.

Did I mention I also love are 2 of my favorites ...the one on left has an injured foot and is often found on his side....bless his heart.

ok there ya have it....we have our home up for sale right now so feathering the nest is currently on hold...and yea...its killing me I am eager and excited for a new space to sprinkle the H's ...birds...birdhouses...and milk glass around. sprinkle...sprinkle....sprinkle......
March is here and in an attempt to fuel my creativity...let's March some oldies but goodies outta the shop...check out the I Love A Sale Section...for some sweet deals.

have a happy day

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thewildhare said...

Dear JaneSays - That is a white eggplant. :)

LOVE YA, MEAN IT! Happy to see your blog!

C said...

yay!! yep, most definitely an eggplant. I have a giant pineapple...just thought I would share. :)