Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag....I am it

I have been tagged to share 7 Random things about myself by a stellar human being.....which brings me to my first random thing.

1. I have always thought people with "online" friends" were weird...maybe even a little creepy...well fast forward to today...there are ... oh 3 or 4 people I would call "online" friends. All of these wonderful human beings I met through etsy. At least one of these (C) I "talk" to pretty much everyday and she is so special and helpful to me....Love ya C!! I was can totally dig people you have never met.

2. know how when you go to the dentist and get numbed for a are numb for quite a while (:-P to those of you who have never had a filling) anyway, so I was in the 2nd grade and that tingly feeling was really bothering I kept scratching and rubbing my lower jaw...kind of in the chin area. Well when I returned to my classroom, Yes my parents made me go back to school after a filling...crazy huh? I walked over to the full-length mirror to look at my new filling....Holy Cow...I had scratched a quarter sized boo boo on my chin...what a freak !!!!

3. I am a lotion fanatic...I love lotion especially on my hands....I apply it constantly...I even keep a large bottle in the side pocket of my car door...there are also bottles in my purse...on my desk at work and one under the kitchen sink.

4. I am a total hypochondriac .... if you have it, please don't tell me I might get it.

5. I pay way too much to have my hair cut, highlighted and styled....but let me defend myself...I had way too many bad experiences in little southern red-neck hair now only the best for this mop baby.

6. This is kinda silly...but I don't wear a stitch of make-up ... only clear lip gloss...and I sit and wonder at what age I will have to start wearing something....because I am pretty sure that day will come. It stresses me out because I have no clue how to begin to put on make-up.

7. The day to day activity that I have the most trouble remembering to do is to brush Chloe's teeth.....she goes to the dentist Monday....if she has a cavity that is sure to brand it into my routine....isn't it??

have a happy day
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1 comment:

C said...

You totally reminded me of one that I meant to do...I don't wear any makeup either....just chapstick!! :)

I heart you too creepy online pal. :)

:)Just for the word verification is like 45 letters did that on purpose.