Monday, March 24, 2008

Flip, Flap and Fly

Flip, Flap and Fly...its a little tune from a movie the Easter Bunny brought Chloe The Land Before Time The Day of the Flyers....its the theme of my life...I flip....I flap...and I fly. Its a busy day...everyday and I know your day is the same way...go go go. When I got in from work today I was greeted by Chloe she stayed home with daddy today he is off this whole week...anyway she wanted to paint and paint now....she did really well....I am trying to get her to paint something other than a big brown blob and not be to directive or restrict her creativity....and today I think she did well.

Now here is the kicker.....Chloe was ready for dinner the minute I got home and this is I said "why are you hungry?" ..."what did you eat for lunch?"...Chloe replied "potato chips" so I looked to Garren is this true...potato chips?? "Yes" he said...and I noticed one of the TOO many chocolate bunnies in our house was opened....I said "Chloe...did you eat some chocolate bunny"...."yes" and "have you had chocolate milk today?" "yes"...holy cow it is just the county fair when daddy is at home isn't it?? I knew we needed something good for dinner to cancel out the

We headed to Troutman to Julia's Talley House.this was the view of the lake as we crossed. Only a 10 minute ride to some good country cookin'.

We had to stop and get gas....nothing like gas prices to put you in a good mood. Thank goodness we had enough money left over to eat at the Talley House, Garren and I had the country style steak and mashed potatoes and a vegetable..Ms. Chloe had spaghetti and ate every I let her have some more county fair food...chocolate cake....haha !!

Here is a shot of the sweet little flip flap and fly the movie we watched it on the way home. Chloe and I in the back seat and her with her shirt was itching know how silly kids can be. "Mommy..let me not have my shirt on when we get home too ok?"...ok Chloe you can not have your shirt home when you get home too... you cute kid you !!

have a happy day
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C said...

i like how chloe's painting were on top of the curry article....

once again....50 friggin letters!!!!!

and it is just your blog...every other i comment on has like 5 letters....
AND i had to do it twice...!>JW#JFLJ

lily eden said...

so cute! I can't wait until Lil can talk and say funny things! i love it!

jimaie.marie said...

oh wow, i WISH gas were 3.21 here! I just paid 3.80/gallon here, YUCK!!

its true tho, gas sucks, i try not to look at the prices b/c its a necessity but its crazy how high it gets!