Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday....wait no..Friday

Felt like Saturday...I took today off...Ahhhh it was so nice. Garren, Chloe and I had a day of leisure....and below is the photo of our day...beautiful NC sky...and once again I say Welcome Spring. We began the day with breakfast at Bojangle's....yum yum yum !! Following that a post office run etsy packages on their way home....then we stopped by Philadelphia Pretzel they were giving away 3 free pretzels from 9-11...holy cow I just finished a's my day I had one....on my day off a biscuit is cancelled out by a pretzel the size of my face. The Mr. and the Mrs. on a little outing on my neighbor's porch happy to say they and their nest are doing GREAT !!
Before lunch we too Chloe to Monkey Joe's...its a big room full of inflatables...a child's dream. This was her first time there she had a big time and so did we watching her. Let me tell you..this kid has no fear and I can't decide if that is good or not. Wanna play the violin...great have no fear go for it....wanna ride on the back of that boy's fear..Hmmmm not so good. I do my best to encourage her at all times in all things but she honestly scares me to death a lot little daredevil. Visiting this place caused another parents pet-peeve to develop...who are these parents who let their children trample smaller kids...if you are this parent scroll on down because you may be offended. KEEP YOUR BIG KID OFF MY BABY!!!!!!!!!! I mean...dang..she is smaller let her get up the ladder don't climb over her dragging your crotch on her head....and parent of crotch dragging boy....have a little chat with him....I know you saw him...I watched you grimace when he did it...again and again. I always...ALWAYS encourage Chloe to be cautious of smaller children and when she is not she gets a face to face...maybe this parent handled it later...if so..fine...if not...ya need to !!
Money in..Money out...yes I still write checks...I can't stop..I like to physically see the check go into the mail...I am old fashioned that way.
Where does your bag land...mine lands in this chair each and every I know who is reading my blog and has a blog of their us where your bag lands.
Egg day tomorrow...we head to Nana's house in the morning to dye and find eggs and Chloe will receive the Easter basket of all Easter baskets I just know it...Nana goes overboard but that is a good thing and Chloe loves every minute of it and of course so does Nana. Have a happy Easter everyone !!
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Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy Easter to you!! I enjoyed reading about the "big-kids" at the bouncy place! I get the same way! Ha!

C said...

wow...the number on that calculator is really have a lot of bills my friend.

I am the opposite...I pay every. single. one. through my bank. writing a check is too much of a hassle for me. :)